The Truth About Fax-Blasting

I visted all those 'Fax-Blast' sites and found 2 things.

Either a person can send just 1 page at a time free, or there is a very high cost to blast Paks.


To send 500 fax pages this group charges almost $ 250.00!!! <- LOL

Credits                                                 Price
1 credit                                                  $1
5 Page Fax Pak                                  $3.49
10 Page Fax Pak                                $6.49
25 Page Fax Pak                                $14.99
50 Page Fax Pak                                $25.99
100 Page Fax Pak                              $49.99
250 Page Fax Pak                              $119.99
550 Page Fax Pak                              $249.99  <- LOL


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTjmtr7fyJZZGDtr7u1H3p4InEHzVZoWg6Yr42PysNXU8Fywj_HLaz0TpAtAt any one can send all the Senators (100) all the Representatives (435) and all the Governors (50) for under $ 60.00 ! :-)  DO THE MATHWHY PAY MORE?


Anyone can send a single fax page from their own machine, but for bulk fax blasting, no one can beat the Tea Party Fax Project. 

We have sent well over 5 million faxes to our representatives in Washington and to the Governors, had feed back from their offices and have made a big difference. Faxing is the way to go to get your message to the right people, weither they want to read it our not!

Did you know several Members of the House ask us (TPorg) to send certain faxes? Why? Because this is the only way they have to get the 'message' to the otherside! Of couse we say: YES!

Just rememeber, there is no such thing as a free lunch, unless you pack it yourself!


OBTW:    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTjmtr7fyJZZGDtr7u1H3p4InEHzVZoWg6Yr42PysNXU8Fywj_HLaz0TpAt

...and your fax-blast order supports the Tea Party!

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