The TPP is worse than NAFTA.

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist  -

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

We seek the truth and let the people know. Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.

Free Trade, the whole sale of America’s jobs and the demise of our economy.

President Obama pledged during his campaign that, if elected, he would review the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and discourage the signing of any new unilateral trade agreements. He has yet to review NAFTA and has, in fact, presided over the passing of three new trade pacts, including KORUS, a free trade agreement with South Korea; now he is pushing for Congress to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); this is worse than NAFTA.

Fellow Americans, for the last 20 years we are being betray by the President and the Washington whores that support NAFTA and the other free trade legislations in support of corporate American. NAFTA is an example of predator corporatism; this ill policy gives the protection and power to destroy human lives and the environment to the powerful predator corporations, while defenseless workers get only promises.

When Bill Clinton launched NAFTA in 1994; Bill Clinton said, the North American Free Trade Agreement would mean "more jobs and rising living standards for the American people; low deficits, low inflation, low interest rates, low trade barriers and high investments.   He promised to the American people that NAFTA was going to be good for business, good for the American workers and good for the economy. We foolishly believe that NAFTA was a good deal for The US, Canada and Mexico, a bold new trade agreement to create jobs and prosperity across North America; but what we fail to see, was that corporate America, have not American interest, that they are self-serving entities, human exploiters that saw NAFTA as an opportunity to drive down the American worker wages, exploit the Mexican worker and cut expenses by closing the U.S. manufacturing plants. These sycophants never had any concern or feelings for their employees that for many years toil for them and made them grow and get rich.

Today, we know that our government is run by corporate American and again corporate America want more free trade agreements. On Jan 21, 2015 State of the Union,  Obama Pledges to Push Trans-Pacific Partnership and he push for Congress to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); this is worse than NAFTA. To corporate America we are not the priority in this treaty; they know that they are destroying our economy and our lives, NAFTA drive down wages, shuttered our factories and we lose millions of manufacturing jobs, they have made the people angry and frustrated because this greed for money, concentrations of wealth skyrocketed, while the purchasing power of the American worker declined and poverty grew. The corporate elite and Washington are complete disconnected from the real world; they are blind by their greed for power and money, we can’t depend on Washington to fix this economy mess; only “We The People” can do it. We are the government we elected them to listen to us and place legislations that will benefit the whole country, not the few that buy their loyalty and their support.

Fellow Americans, we got the power; as consumers we can destroy corporate America. Use your Dollar as your weapon to destroy predator corporatism in America and reclaim your social and economy prosperity only you can end your economy slavery, do not trust the government they are the puppets of the elite corporate America. Here are the simple solutions:

1-     Do not buy anything made in foreign countries. Buy products made in America.

2-     Pull out your savings and close your checking account on mayor’s interstate Banks and transfer your money to credit Unions and local State Banks. Do your best to keep your money in your State.

3-     Form cooperatives to promote and purchase local made products for distribution in your state,   buy local producers goods and service.

4-     Built economic alternatives by creating worker-owned cooperatives. In construction, Auto mechanics, Restaurants, clothing manufacturing, farming, produce distribution, service, transportation and many more.

5-     Do not privatize any service that is use by the community, such as utilities, prisons facilities and public transportation.

6-     Reform your schools system and get the government out of education. Education is the responsibility of the community; we can do much better job than our government in the education of our children.

7-     Your business should be getting Wal-Mart out of your city. They are the biggest exploiters of humanity and predators of the small business.  Do not shop at Wal-Mart; support your local grocery and Dept. Stores. Your Dollar is your weapon; use it to reclaim your economy.


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