The time is here!

People, we have won a battle; but the war rages on. Which war are you speaking of; you may ask. The war between conservatism and liberalism. We have gotten a president, who, by his actions, has convinced me, he has had an Epiphany. We still have establishment republicans, and rinos; that we have got to work out of the system. It is up to you to go where I can not. I need you to take over the republican party. They hate me; figuratively speaking. They will never let me in, and I'm glad. I know the leaders of this, this TEA party, are the best, bar-none, the best and the brightest out there. I would like to see in every election, at least three times as many TEA party candidates as any other. We must take the system over; why? President Trump is a great man. He is only one man, he is going to need our help to drain the swamp. We need to give him, a TEA party health-care proposal. We need a TEA party, tax reform package. Nazi Germany, happened; because, good men stood by and did nothing. Freedom is not free. We need action, and I mean now. People, I am begging you, wake-up. The TEA party should reach-out to the president, to see if their any position, our people can fill.Thanks for listening
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