TED said it!

TED meant it!

TED didn't back down from it!

TED kicked ever lovin' butt to protect us from it!

TED would never stand for this kind of politcal garbage in garbage out crap!

TED (alive today) would slap the doggie do right out of everyone of them!

TED would have foresaw this thing and corrected it before it was ever born!


Personally: I'd rather be "TED" than red, dead, nor a butt head!



Max Simon Uhrig III

Arizona,  U.S.A.

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  • Exactly my friend.

    Our Constitution is vowed upon every President, Congress person, Supreme Court Justice, Soldier, Law Enforcement Officer, and Citizen in this Country - inclusive.

    No one is exempt from this right of endowment and accountability.

    No outside entity has ever been allowed exclusion of this right. Everyone is held to this letter of the Constitution, that is why they are here in the first place. Even those who enter and observe their right to be given "Citizen" status through Immigration and Naturalization makes and takes oath of this responsibility of right.

    Anyone refusing this right shall lose it, whether naturally born here or otherwise.

    If this were not the case, people incarsorated would not lose their rights to vote, own a Fire Arm Weapon of choice, as a known Felon.

    We The People of these United States of America have and hold these rights as Stone, Immovable, tattooed to our Souls. We own these rights as Citizens and heretofore require all of the above to their personal responsibility to protect and defend said document (s).

    Otherwise, any and/or all are held equally responsible of the term and violation of "TREASON" against these unified States, as a Nation of States, and Citizens of this great Country of ours. Without fail nor disclosure of exemption.

    We hold these truths to be self evident. All men are created equal. And in the face of all equality are held accountable, no exclusions.

    The HANGING offense of TREASON Stands!

    Specifically while in Office. Otherwise, opting out is an option because of the gross errors of tolerance by, from, and through our Supreme Court Justices, et al.

    This also applies to all aforementioned, including Citizens.

    I did not write the Constitution, but I as a Citizen, natural born, do adhere and defend its worth, its presence, and its LAW!

    So be it done.

    America, S A V E  America. NOW!

  • and Divided we fall!  Defend and Protect the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.


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