In a weak attempt to keep a campaign promise about transparency, notice that Obama said he would put entitlements online for all to see, not that he would cut them (another broken campaign promise). This is supposed to be the new Reaganesque fiscally responsible Obama? His State of the Union address was truly historic -- full of contradictions, condescension, pouting, anger and lies, not to mention a historic attack on the Supreme Court. His audacity is only upstaged by his narcissism and conceit.THE STATE OF THE UNION: A HOLLOW SPEECHThe era of big govt is far from over.
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  • It's mind-blowing when you see it laid out like this. He is truly incompetent and arrogant.

    That time is now.

    The consistent appointment of the inexperienced and ethically challenged defines his skill and ethics.

    The Geithner tax evasion and decisions to advance credit card fees and interest rates
    to 30%, a rate that would have, once upon a time, embarrassed loan sharks. His complicity
    with Bernake in laundering our tax dollars through AIG to Goldman Sachs and others. The
    real estate values plunging so that homeowners have no equity, no life savings. Now
    they wonder why consumer spending is not returning. It is no excuse to imply that Bush made
    a mess and it will take time..... give Obama time. INCOMPETENCE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TIME.

    The TARP fiasco ($800 billion) along with the Stimulus ($1.3 trillion) to friends and
    political family and local and state governments in blue states only to create no permanent
    jobs, making government bigger. The admin took care of their own fully realizing that tax money
    cannot be spent to create viable jobs. Tax money in with more than collected tax money out,
    creates a deficit, not jobs. The deficit is the single greatest reason the economy is not
    recovering and why there are no jobs.

    The claim that business must be stopped from making too much money. Well, ask a poor person for a job.

    Along with the Attorney General, an ideolog with no understanding of our culture and our country,
    and the appointment of ideolog enforcing "czars." Not an effort to govern but all efforts directed
    at proselitizing progressive ideology. This has resulted in decisions that really and practically
    endanger the populace. These bad and dangerous decisions from the Christmas bomber, the moving
    of muslim terriost trials to New York to giving a deadline for our withdrawl to the taliban and
    alquidda in Iraq and Afghanistan. The lies "that the system worked" ,ETC. and the decisions that
    few hear about, like no more support for 911 families, and outsourcing NASA and our space program,
    show HATE.

    The large and extensive list of campaign promises that have solidly and with no apology been broken and ignored, point to his ethics creed.

    Plunging and dividing this country into an 11th month fight over health care...for no good reason and not careing at all about the economy and jobs. The ability Obama has to turn a deaf ear and to leave town when the opposition shows on his doorstep. His constant use of George Bush as the reason the country is in trouble and none of Obama's policies working.

    His vengence and lies to claim that Republicans are stopping him, even though Republicans have no
    power in either house of government, are in the smallest minority in 40 years, is another ethics pointer.

    I could go on, but I tire. He counts on us tiring. Thre are so many obvious deceits and lies, one
    cannot understand how there could be any Obama supporters left. He is so far from the people that
    no reasonable person can make an excuse for him. One can only conclude they are blind.

    Let's now forget Obama and his supporters. They have nothing to offer good people nor this country.
    Rather, let's move on and elect new people who care and understand the middle class and this country, our Judeo-Christian heritage, and our good history.
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