The Selfless American

This is being written specifically for Art Phillips & all the other men & women who have or are still protecting our freedoms. This is for the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard & the Coast Guard. This is for their families & for those abroad or home. I offer my deepest admiration, respect, prayers & for some my condolences for their sacrifices. Not one of us who hasn't been there can even imagine what it really means to do this job. We don't know what it's like to leave family & friends behind, not know where you might end up. To try & eat or sleep out in the open in the cold, heat, dust & dirt. To have to do the simplest things while wearing all your gear. Hoping you get some sleep or get to eat without gunfire interrupting those few quiet moments. Not knowing how long you'll be gone or how soon you'll have to go back. What's going on with your family, not seeing them & missing out on living life with them. Will you go home in one piece, maybe missing a part of you or God forbid not come home at all. If this happens how will you & your family cope. Maybe losing a good buddy in a fire fight or by a IED. Feeling horrible about your loss, but feeling guilty too because you are alive. Wanting to go home but wondering if you'll be able to fit back in & have something to do. And in the end not really being able to let any of these things distract you, because it could mean yours or someone else's life. Think of the families too, Not knowing when a spouse will return & how. Having to say goodbye over & over. Raising the family alone not always having help, someone to talk with, someone who's in the same position. Not being able to share how hard it is for you when your spouse is home, because they don't need to be worried. For having to put a good face on things for the children even when you're worried sick or feel you can't do this alone another day. Just plain not being able to share life with the person you married to share life with. These spouse's have to be just as courageous, steadfast, strong & faithful. These men & women are courageous beyond belief, they should always have the support they need & they shouldn't have to even ask. Do a kindness for a soldier, vet or their family today & everyday if you can, even if it's just to thank them. And pray for them as much as possible so that all come home safe to their families & friends.

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