The Second War of Independence has been declared

4063650831?profile=originalVice President Biden prepares to submit presidential  task force strict gun control measures to Obama

There is a sickening aroma in the air that is beginning to permeate the very soul of independent freedom embracing Americans. It began to originate long before the shooting at Aurora, Colorado, or recently in Newtown, Connecticut. Its rancid fragrance seeps into the fabric of the U.S. Constitution and is emitted by the control terrorists who manipulate the facts and perceptions of Americans who watch the news. These purveyors of stricter gun control measures seek to erode your defenses so that in your weakened state you will accept their sweet smelling tyranny.

The nation that was represented as a symbolic shining city on a hill that President Ronald Reagan spoke about over 30 years ago is now becoming a broken mud hole of shattered dreams. America’s morning that has dawned over the nation is now bearing witness to the shredding of constitutional protections which have safe guarded families since the infancy of the republic. Obama has given the order to Vice President Biden: full steam ahead to obliterate gun rights in your town. You and your family are the targets and what will you do?

The reaction by gun owners and even prospective gun owners to Obama’s desperate executive order zeal is to hurry up and buy up all the potential guns and now legal weapons. The worry is that these legal weapons might be taken by edict or by force by the government. That may be a logical solution, but it is only a temporary one.

Once Obama’s federal government has quenched its thirst on stripping away gun rights, it will not hesitate to take the next step to criminalize actual possession of legally held banned weapons!

Then what will you do?

What is the response to a government that embraces tyrannical rule over the constitutional guarantees and protections contained within the U.S. Constitution?

What are you, the father, the mother, the son or the daughter prepared to do when, the government official, acting on direct orders from a new commission set up by President Obama to confiscate your guns, comes to your home’s door?

Where are the defenders of the U.S. Constitution who are elected in Congress? Are you absolutely certain they will not give in, and knuckle under Obama’s determination which is aided by the mainstream media talking heads?

Remember these are the same talking heads that avoided Obama’s dismissive behavior in not enforcing congressional legislation. This is the same mainstream media that buried the White House Benghazi murder cover up as if it never happened. Think about your choices when seeking to rely upon the once independent fourth estate, which has been rendered a useless patsy for the Obama administration.

Do you really believe that once your guns are banned, and the weapons that were grandfathered in and off limits from government seizure, will not be taken in the second round of gun control legislation?

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  • @Benjamin Lee Jacobs:I'd suggest you grow up first.

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  • We are NOT war mongers. As Americans it is not who we are.  We  must do everything in our power to find a constructive peaceful solution. (If Possible).  As the rattlesnake, We make noise and warn as much as possible till no other option is available then bite.  There are innocent folks that would be caught in the middle. We should NOT make the same knee jerk reaction as they have. 

    What we need is a NATIONAL Strike per say. Pick a day in the near future and simply do nothing, No work, No purchasing of anything! Nothing! Now I understand critical positions will still have to be filled and thats fine. I hear of a million man march thats funny considering we are 350+ million in the US.  What if we could convince a 100 million, 200 million to take 1 little day? We hit them where it hurts, In the wallet. That will get their attention, And show them (PEACEFULLY) we will not allow our Constitutional rights to be trampled on anymore. Then they will listen, And maybe, really try to find a way to protect our children and deal with those that insist on doing evil, And not infringe upon honest folks freedoms.  We must not overreact to what "could" happen, everything is talk at this point. 


    However, You hope for the best. And prep for the worst. But this peaceful idea would get their attention, And who wouldn't enjoy a day off.

  • An unarmed man can only flee from evil and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it.

  • Hopefully everyone here is already WELL armed, or if not soon will be, while their is yet time. Things are coming down the pipe faster than I expected. Arm yourselves as well as you can afford and have a wealth of ammo. Some ammo is already gettin hard to find but Ive had some good luck finding what I need.

  • i guess a lot of us will die, and suffer..but those that fought for our freedoms in the past never hesitated to do what was right. freedom and liberty has to be constatntly fought for, because the likes of hitler, obama...and the rest...will always be one vote take over political party away. and if we do not stand up for our selves now, they will just become stronger.....they never stop, and neither must we.

  • I am not afraid of fighting but the state government has the right over the feds...get to your sheriff and see what he has to say about this...

  • Listen to Ron Doty....he knows what he is talking about..get to your sheriff and ask him where he stands...he can stop a federal agent from doing anything to anyone he wants..he is the law of the land...check things out with him....

  • Our states need to get off their butts and get some laws started to stop the feds. from doing anything they want to with OUR GUNS.  Every state need laws to stop the feds. from crossing state lines or ever trying to arrest someone over gun rights...Look people, the state has the power to stop the feds.  get them to do it...

  • Mr. Fobbs is correct except for one thing. This would be the Third War of Independence. The second was fought 1861 to 1865 during what I refer to as The War of Northern Aggression. Lnicoln raised an army to invade the  communities of other Americans and atrocities were committed wholesale in the crushing of the rebellion. This Federal government would likely behave the same way.....

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