The Second War of Independence has been declared

4063650831?profile=originalVice President Biden prepares to submit presidential  task force strict gun control measures to Obama

There is a sickening aroma in the air that is beginning to permeate the very soul of independent freedom embracing Americans. It began to originate long before the shooting at Aurora, Colorado, or recently in Newtown, Connecticut. Its rancid fragrance seeps into the fabric of the U.S. Constitution and is emitted by the control terrorists who manipulate the facts and perceptions of Americans who watch the news. These purveyors of stricter gun control measures seek to erode your defenses so that in your weakened state you will accept their sweet smelling tyranny.

The nation that was represented as a symbolic shining city on a hill that President Ronald Reagan spoke about over 30 years ago is now becoming a broken mud hole of shattered dreams. America’s morning that has dawned over the nation is now bearing witness to the shredding of constitutional protections which have safe guarded families since the infancy of the republic. Obama has given the order to Vice President Biden: full steam ahead to obliterate gun rights in your town. You and your family are the targets and what will you do?

The reaction by gun owners and even prospective gun owners to Obama’s desperate executive order zeal is to hurry up and buy up all the potential guns and now legal weapons. The worry is that these legal weapons might be taken by edict or by force by the government. That may be a logical solution, but it is only a temporary one.

Once Obama’s federal government has quenched its thirst on stripping away gun rights, it will not hesitate to take the next step to criminalize actual possession of legally held banned weapons!

Then what will you do?

What is the response to a government that embraces tyrannical rule over the constitutional guarantees and protections contained within the U.S. Constitution?

What are you, the father, the mother, the son or the daughter prepared to do when, the government official, acting on direct orders from a new commission set up by President Obama to confiscate your guns, comes to your home’s door?

Where are the defenders of the U.S. Constitution who are elected in Congress? Are you absolutely certain they will not give in, and knuckle under Obama’s determination which is aided by the mainstream media talking heads?

Remember these are the same talking heads that avoided Obama’s dismissive behavior in not enforcing congressional legislation. This is the same mainstream media that buried the White House Benghazi murder cover up as if it never happened. Think about your choices when seeking to rely upon the once independent fourth estate, which has been rendered a useless patsy for the Obama administration.

Do you really believe that once your guns are banned, and the weapons that were grandfathered in and off limits from government seizure, will not be taken in the second round of gun control legislation?

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  • Hey Tim...I guess I will pass on the 223 since its getting way out of my price range.  I just pray that we don't have to use them..the 1500 will have to do because I don't see any loads coming down in price.  I went and talked to our sheriff today and he agreed with me that the nation is in a terrible shape and he said that a few sheriffs down in southern Iowa are not going to RECOGNIZE any of the bans that Obama puts on our guns or ammo.  He said he had to do his job though and that worries me a little but I think if it comes down to  it, he will be on our side, I pray he is.  He is our last hope for a peaceful demonstration against Obama's bull $hit...Lets pray that their crap will fall apart on them if no one does what they want...Best of luck and peace for everyone out there....

  • Hey Randy, 1500 rounds is about what Ive got too. A little less now b/c I went out and put about 40 rounds through a target at the gun range this past weekend. Gotta keep the moving parts shiny))) Ive got a friend thats picking me up another case of AK today, thatll put me at almost 2500 rounds. But like you I pray that there will never be a shot fired in anger. I coulda bought a case of 223 for $750 but passed on it b/c I dont have an AR but I can still get some 223 if you want it but I dont know the cost

  • Thanks Tim...but I got 2 ARs in 5.56..need the 223 or 5.56 nato...oh well. when it gets started, or if i should say..hope we  can get him out of office before we use all my 1500 rounds least got that many for them...I pray the states step up and stop any power that the feds. think they have..we can stop this at the state level if the states will come back to life and do what they should...he can't step all over the constitution and bill of rights and just walk away from that...he needs to be brought to trail and sent to prison for this one...Period....

  • Hey Randy I think I know where I can get some 5.56 but itll be expensive. It was like $1.40 a round when I checked. Im for sure I can get some 7.62x39mm if that would do you any good. I paid $400 for a case and I dont know if theyve gone up. The 2.23, Im not sure but Ill find out. I know a dealer that stays stocked up almost all the time. Leave a msg on here and let me know if youre interested and Ill give you an email address and phone number and we'll talk from there.

  • There are two points that need to be remembered here. One is that obammy has absolutely NO RIGHT to intervene in the internal affairs of any soverign state. It is COMPLETELY unconstitutional. Second, he has done nothing at all to disprove that he is illegal. By refusing to offer even one iota of REAL proof that he is legit, he is PROVING he is not qualified to hold office. We need to band together and DEMAND he is legit. Again, he is making fools of the American people, and our complacency, and unwillingness to make him prove himself are going to result in the unthinkable. The DEVIL is in the details folks. Either make him qualify himself, or it won't matter hat WE THE PEOPLE want. He is duping us and making a mockery of all of us. I, for one am willing to do whatever is in my power to share in his donfall, but unfortunately, I don't carry a big enough stick all by myself. We need to organize to make him qualify, and I believe that could be the turning point for him because he can't do that. That is why he refuses to do so.

  • Tim, If you could let me know where to get some more 5.56, I would be grateful...My place I was getting it has dried up and I need some more badly....223 will also do as I have one with 1 in 9 twist and one with 1 in 7 twist. 

  • It sounds good!! But, I just was listening to MARK KEVIN, and OBAMA has just overeached, his authority, and attacked the CONSTITUTION!! I believe he just made it possible for us to formally IMPEACH him!! I have had a gut feeling that he will not ake it to the INAUGURAL since last month! Not wishful thinking, on my part. But now OBAMA has crossed over the threshold of his authority!! NOW , CAN WE?  This should be interesting! This may throw th left and the radicals, into a frenzy, but we may have averted a 'CIVAL WAR III'. Let's see what takes place. If he is at least stripped of 'EXECUTIVE ORDERS', that would be a start! If he is removed, let it not be for the race deal, let it be for everything he has done!! THERER IS A MIGHTYLONG LIST!! PRAY,that we have them follow thur with this!! I wonder what the world reaction will be?  Of course, you rid us of him, and then everything he has done, will become null and void,(mostly void). At that point, we would have to go after all money, that they have shot out the door, and 'FREEZE', most all accounts, and start rooting out the "COUP'!! No one wants to see another 'CIVAL WAR'. But it woldn't surprise me, since it is part of their, '1861 AGENDA', as HILLARY CLINTON put it!! SEMPER-FI!! Larry K.Parent,Naples,FL.

  • They want stop at just new gun laws they'll come later and take your guns.Thats what its all about the name of the game.Where is the great generals who have yet to appear that will lead us.We cant do it alone it will take millions of decent law abidding folks to unite and follow these Generals who is to come.I say let it be today.Generals where are you?Want you come forth?Please come forth.

  • Great to see people thinking about the question of What will the Police and Miltiary do when this phony President gives the order? However, I would like to believe there are more out there that speak up on this. Especially, Congress! Where the hell are they on this? Maybe we can believe that they are simply just waiting? They see what waiting has done so far. The battle cry is simply not loud enough yet. We'll see what the bum Biden says tomorrow with his plan.

    We need to ban together in mass numbers. This is going to happen just watch and see.

  • @Nate Forrest: God bless all of you, Nate.....and I believe there are a lot more out there than those you some here where I live.

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