The Second Coming of Christ

Looking at the birth of Christ, and the following 2,000 years of orthodoxy—authoritarianism—and at the current economic and moral decline in Europe and the United States, a significant clue of what is to come is unprecedented government intervention to ward off the domino effect, ending, ultimately, it can easily be predicted, in the collapse of western economies. In the meanwhile, China, having already gone through a socialistic dictatorship rampage under Mao, and now moving economically forward, with her gigantic cheap labor pool and western knowhow, a meteoric movement in economic growth in China is a continuing sure thing. What comes around goes around. A thousand years ago, while Europe suffered the Dark Age, Song China’s free enterprise system (960-1279) brought with it prosperity.


America’s federal judiciary has put government entitlement ahead of the inalienable right of life, liberty, and property. In the wisdom of socialist judges, busing poor children into affluent neighborhoods has a positive effect. This has not been the case. Socialist Obama speaks of collective salvation.  Socialists reason that do-good people have a positive influence on do-bad people. With America under George Soros’ Nazi socialistic model, impoverished—he’s pulled it off several times—and, naturally, authoritarian government, this is where America is headed.  


Out of love of my country, I became a combat rifleman in Nazi Germany during World War II.  Due to the fact that the individual comes last now in America, under socialist philosophy, the income tax put me on the street. It is all recorded.  I was a responsible family man. My children say they were happy children.  Irresponsible parents, under socialism, get the same treatment as responsible parents. The record proves that neither they nor their children become responsible.  Thanks to socialism, the irresponsible are a growing cancer on American society.  


Science has now acknowledged that nothing could exist without consciousness, and that the smallest subatomic particle is conscious.  Who or what determines the degree of conscious awareness in humans?  Is a federal judge or the President more consciously aware of my needs than I?  The law in practice says yes. Socialism does not give credit to the fact that we humans are created with reason and logic.  Man has never been successful in turning society into herd mentality.  The idea of doing for the good of all overriding the God-given rights of the individual has never worked and never will. But what I say counts for naught.  I’m forced to obey the laws socialists pass.


On the positive side, the energy is building in America to take the nation back—to put the individual back in control of his life. With China’s economy growing by leaps and bounds—the Chinese more in control of their lives—there is that commonality.  Thinking logically, while this is taking place, an unbelievably innovative free enterprise networking system currently in the works, causing the world economy to soar to never before dreamed proportions, logically, a rising tide of independence will be the result.  As for the too big to fail policy in place now, we are coming to the point that a thriving enterprise will suddenly be replaced by a better idea. No industry will be too big to fail.


When people all over the world have an abundance of the material things, what will the result be? Keeping in mind that science now admits without consciousness nothing could exist, based on the universe reduced to numbers logic, here’s what Astrologer’s Handbook says the numbers say. By the way, we are leaving the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius. The ages have an influence on society.  If we link the ages, we can understand that we are here with increasing purpose.


“Pisces is a sensitive sign and those born under it are extremely responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others. They unconsciously absorb the ideas and mental outlook of those around them. They desperately want to do the right thing, but as a rule they do not have strong will power.  Therefore, they are easily influenced by external factors.  They must learn to stand alone and face the unknown with simple faith. . .”  


“The symbol for Pisces is two attached fishes, one swimming upstream and the other downstream, implying the drastic duality of emotions in persons born under this sign. Pisceans are unable to make up their minds. . . They are not combative. . .They are indecisive in thinking and acting. They will generally suffer injury rather than fight for their rights. . .”


Here’s what Astrologer’s Handbook says about Aquarius.


“Individuals born under the sign of brotherhood and fraternity have as their symbol the water-bearer, who spills out to mankind the life-force and spiritual energy.  Since the planet Uranus rules Aquarius, friendship and companionship are extremely important to Aquarians. Those whom Aquarians befriend have their unswerving loyalty.  .  . Born under a fixed sign Aquarians have eccentric temperaments and are determined and stubborn. . .”


“There is no affectation or snobbery in the Aquarian personality but a dislike of spurious imitation and hypocrisy in any form. Aquarians operate as equals among equals.  However, they are not dependent on their environments for their security, because they derive this from being in the company of others. . .”


“In earth as it is in heaven,” said Jesus. Jesus said we are our brother’s keeper.  Where does the collective consciousness of the universe begin?  Science has found that the smallest subatomic particle is conscious.  Man simply cannot change the Higher Law, the background of the U. S. Constitution.  We Americans need to prepare now for the hard times ahead socialism brings, so we can will ourselves, individually, a bountiful future.      

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