We now know why no one at Columbia University ever saw him attending there. During the 1980's Columbia University was having financial difficulties and was rated last among the elite Ivy League Universities. Prince Klalid Monsor showered Columbia with millions of dollars if they would give Obama a full degree. They gave him a 4-year degree two years later, even though Obama never attended one class there. Obama during these two years was actually being trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan as an Alqueda agent. Fox news around the 2008 election was able to contact 400 former Columbia students who would have seen Obama during these 2-years, but not one of 400 recalled ever seeing him.

After getting the phony unearned degree from Columbia The Saudi's then paid his tuition at Harvard who evidently were impressed with his phony grades at Columbia. It is believed that Obama was originally somehow clever enough to contact the Saudis while he was in Indonesia and sold the Saudis on his being able to be an agent for them, as he could provide them with valuable info on Indonesia, which at the time was a concern for the Saudis. 

The Saudis saw Obama as a long term investment. They wound years later after Obama was in the Senate and running for president, funnel millions to his election campaign. Obama actually received  close to 2-billion dollars to get elected, though he only declared 650-million to the Election Commison. The Saudis supported Obama so that he would push for green energy and not open up any more oil wells in America, thus making Americans more dependent on Saudi oil.  When Obama went to visit the Saudis he was given strict orders to bow deeply to the Saudi King to show his gratitude, which he did.

Obama met his future wife (Michelle Robinson) at the Sidley Austin law firm in Chicago. She was assigned to be his mentor there. The wife of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers ( Bernadine Dohrn) was a paralegal at this law firm and came to know Michelle. Because Dohrn had a felony conviction she was not allowed to take the Illinois bar exam. The parents of Bill Ayers knew and help support Obama when he had foreign exchange student status at Occidental college where he flunked out after one year.

The link below should be shown to every legitimate American voter.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsBVZ5itl  This video explains Obama's unaccounted for time.




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  • Everyone who cannot figure out why Obama wants to keep gas prices high and why he appears to actually belive in the solar scam needs to read this real history of Mr. Soetoro.

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