It is  not unreal to believe, that we will be at war with China for a laundry list of reasons.  It is something our government is not telling us, however, it is testing our obedience to its will with this C-virus.  We have not seen the worst of things to come; it will come; forget our Bill of Rights, the romance with it is over; finished!  If President Trump does not dump Fauci and Birx, his ruling body, he will lose the election for sure.  This loss could be the loss of the USA as we once knew it.  These two quacks have not only ruined the economy, they have taken over power and our autonomy; a coup d'etat. If President Trump has lost his enthusiasm to win another election, he then is handing the Presidency over to fascists. If we are not concerned, we deserve the consequences.

While the American people are resting as captives in their homes; they will awaken to a nightmare soon enough.  Time is of the essence; we have to get out of our stupor.  We will not be cradled much longer; we will be digging our own graves, literally,, and it won't be because of any remote virus.

It is hard to believe that we are a gullible, complacent, and docile people; much to our shame.  The Chinese, by now, already know this; it works in their favor.  At least, they know how to save face; and they will show us their face, soon enough.  

Joseph Phillip De Marco

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