The Rino Twins

The elections are behind us, but what really counts is what is ahead.  Two of the most prominent leaders to emerge are the least likely to do anything but satisfy their own quests for glory and pad their wallets.  John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are ready, able and willing to let Obama run roughshod over our country as long as they get their share of the booty.

Both of these guys seem to be devoid of any conscience when it involves the downfall of our country and our sovereignty.  We can hope and wait for them to help us, but I believe it is fruitless.  Their parlor tricks are designed to make the electorate think they are standing for conservative principles while they are doing the opposite. They started their new terms with statements that show they have surrendered to Obama before the first fight.  They stood back and watched amnesty being proclaimed without a whimper.

Another indicator of how serious they took this threat to our country is how quickly they packed for their holiday home visits while huge events were unfolding in D.C. and nationally.  They are really watching our backs from the dinner table.  Both of these guys have attempted to destroy conservatives wherever they find them. They cannot be trusted.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being played by the illegitimate politicians in D.C.  The Republican party is mostly populated by turncoat rinos.  How can conservatives survive in this environment?  The only answer is to either thin the herd or form another party.  The Thad Cochran spectacle in Mississippi showed the extremes Mitch will go to defeat a conservative.  It may be that a third party movement can only claim victory by causing defeat to rinos.  Hopefully, some conservatives will be elected.  We have to start somewhere.

As far as Boehner goes, he is capable of making sounds like he is offended by Obama or the liberal agenda and then voting for them on every issue.  If he is reprimanded or called out, he is capable of crying spontaneously while denying any accusation of wrong doing.  He has shown how far gone he is, by asking Obama to time his amnesty for post election when it would do the most harm to conservatives.

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