ZERO Republicans voted for ObamaCare... and Republican VOTES, on any Legislation, has not made ANY difference in 6-years because the Democrats control ALL that Passed in the US Senate and is signed into Law by Obama... There is NO reason to ATTACK Republicans for their VOTING, e.g., they might vote YES on the Senate Immigration Bill because they KNEW that their Colleagues, in the House of Reps, were NOT gonna send it forward... Sen Republicans might VOTE like that to help keep their SEAT in the next election and to prevent being called "Racist" or anti-immigration in the Left's Propaganda Media Machine, etc... We must UNITE to STOP Obama.. !!!!  -- Perfect! The Republican Leadership GOT some sound immigration ideas OUT into the Media, which Obama would never agree to anyway, and then they were able to USE that POSITIVE exposure to CALL Obama what he is, a LIAR...
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  • This is the Front line of our fight right here and it would seem the RINO's are loosing their resolve on the Conservative issues 

    Abortion and gay marriage DADT is not where our fight is I am all for Equal protection under the law .. and we are under constant attack for our personal belief.. We cant win like this .. it will only divide us and conquer us .

    .The front line is holding the RINO's feet too the fire .. If you are for Immigration reform then you are also for Obamacare .... Here is why.. Companies like Coke want to higher immigrants under blanket amnesty .. as explained by Rubio Will be exempt from any Obamacare for 9 years .. aside from the additional 2.5 million jobs lost .. how many more will be lost when employers get and Obamacare exemption because the person he hired is under Amnesty the fight is as much against the GOP leadership as it is against 

     But illegals can still get "free" health care (i.e., paid for by taxpayers or private insurers, or written off as bad debt by providers) in emergencies. Their U.S. citizen children qualify for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program. And the earlier rule makes it much easier for illegals to defraud the system. Plus, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) explained how the amnesty plus Obamacare would make it more attractive for employers to fire American workers and hire newly amnestied foreign workers.

    There are reforms that are far more important than Immigration reform.. Like Tax Code reform like doping away with the IRS and a few other 3 letter acronyms 

    We do have a battle against Obamacare but this time it is Amnesty that poses the biggest threat too american jobs through Obamacare 

    there are so many negatives too american prosperity just on the Obamacare side of things that this law has too be broken 

    And even if Boehner backs out on Amnesty .. the simple fact that he has used it as a tool against his base suggests that his Reign must end as well ..We the people are not the ones too be controlled by congress,, they forgot the intent of our founding fathers 

  • And... if Communism is SO wonderful, then why have people immigrated for years to get away from the evil??? Obama crawled out of Kenya, and there are still people being enslaved and murdered in the name of the satanic cult of islam and communism!! STOP trying to turn our country into one of the God forsaken, Hell Holes, that Obama conned his way out of, by CHEATING people out of their money!! He OWES America for his education that we taxpayers paid for!!

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