the mustang stallion runs with a tough bunch
freedom understands him and them
steely eyed pounding the earth chasing it down
man understands freedom flaunting it carelessly
bragging its ideas from its birth neglecting its nurturing
as it withers slowly away being replaced by stronger hands

Joseph Phillip De Marco

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  • Derelict is the citizen who fails in his duty to his family, neighbor, and friends... The government is an empty shell, a cistern waiting to be filled with the substance of government.   The problem arises when the belly of government is filled with the corruption of man's greed and avarice.... mankind's desire to lord it over his neighbor is historical ... 

    Let us pray for Godly leadership in government that is responsive to the needs of the people... Leaders who will reject the undertow and currents of corruption now flowing from the fountains of government.

    Let us not deny our own greed and avarice as we extend our hand to take that which is not earned or our portion of the commonwealth of our nation.  Let us resist the avarice of our past and deny the temptation to reap where we have not sown... there is no free lunch, no free housing or education it must all be paid for by those who access them.

    The more we rely on government the greater control the government has over our lives...  independence and liberty are found by drinking from one's own well... let us freely drink and let the government feed the destitute and indigent from the commonwealth of our charity. Let every free man reject the yoke of government dependency and drink from his own well that liberty may be restored in the Nation.  

  • the government is our boss now not us; placing laws; curfews; restrictions; demands etc..

    we have caved in; we are subservient to it; they tell us when and what; we obey without question

  • that is the point: we are allowing it; we are not coming in; we are not doing our job; words are not enough.

  • ONLY IF WE ALLOW IT.   This is where we come in now more than ever.   We have to do our job.  America and what we believe must never die. 

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