The Reason for Obama

4063279151?profile=originalObama was made President to open many cans of worms. How do we know? Saturn, the learning planet, moved into unfavorable alignment with Pluto, the generational planet, in the month and year Obama was elected. I learned this from Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas, a distinguished philosopher and cultural historian.


After a thirty-year study of the outer planets, Tarnas concluded that there is consistent correspondence between planetary alignments and the archetypal patterns of human history. The outer planets tell the story because the alignments remain longer than the alignments of the inner planets.


The quadrature alignment of Saturn and Pluto remain for three to four years, indicating a change after Obama completes his first term of office, after losing his re-election bid. By the way, the alignment of Saturn and Pluto is trine in my astrological chart, the very best of alignments. I'm the bearer of good news.


The can of worms Obama has just opened, contraception, is a civil rights issue. Why? Everyone has the right to use contraceptives. Why don't we have the civil right to get our hair cut?  It does not involve a religious doctrine. Obama came up with contraceptives (paid for by future taxpayers) to poke his finger in the eye of Catholic doctrine. We don't have the money just now. We have to borrow it. Obama's Secretary of the Treasury says we should be willing to pay more for the privilege of being American. Rush Limbaugh asked why future taxpayers should pay for people to have safe sex. He called a female law student a slut for demanding her right to make taxpayers pay for her contraceptives; she’s prostituting herself.


Whether or not we agree on the political issue involved, the fact remains that Obama opened a new can of worms. We need real answers, not name calling. In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, the book of memoirs I’ve just completed gives the world real answers.  My manuscript is now with Amazon’s Creativespace for editing.  It will soon be available through Amazon. The good news: I cut out in 1975, on my own, to build a new life. My answers came from within.  All of my dreams came true.  

The cans of worms Obama was put here to open don’t go way by osmosis. They give you choices: be the victim or create the circumstance.  It is your right and responsibility. Mine is not a book of theories. It is based on my real experiences.  

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  • When liberals read my book, they will be with me. They will be looking within for their answers, and kicking themselves for being stupid.

  • Brilliant! I really think you are on to something here Joseph. I can't wait for your book. But there will be some liberals who say you are benefitting from a predisposed can of worms. No need to vote.

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