Before anyone even thinks about "global warming" or "climate change" I strongly suggest they read "Isaac's Storm" by Erik Larson.  Reading like a novel, this meticulously researched book documents the hurricane which devastated Galeveston, Texas in 1900.  This factual account imparts the jewel of wisdom that a mere 114 years ago we knew absolutely NOTHING about the weather.

But now only a few short 114 years later we stupidly claim to know all about the weather?  How could this be?

Our planet, Earth (for those of you who seem to forget that we actually live on a planet which is a speck in the greater and grander infinite Universe) has been around for about 4.5 BILLION years.  Of course there has been and continues to be climate change!  But the Earth has managed to survive climate change without any interference or help from anyone for those same 4.5 BILLION years. Thus, we have all procreated to dispute the matter.

The emissions from our factories and cars and the more recently blamed (and supposedly even worse!) infernal cow farts (methane) are supposedly causing "global warming" which has now morphed into simply "climate change" because, quite frankly, no one really knows WHAT is going on.  But consider this.  Dinosaur flatulence must have been huge and even worse than all our little cars and cows combined.  Were the dinosaurs obliterated because of climate change?  No.  They were obliterated by what science believes was an asteroid.

Since the sky is so vast it is very likely that if such an asteroid were heading towards the Earth at this moment we would not even detect it until it is upon us.  Which leads me to be much more concerned about an asteroid smacking into the earth than climate change.

Having said all of the above, I do believe we need to care for the environment.  Like no littering, for example, and get rid of the garbage in a clean way.  But we, the United States of America, cannot control the rest of the entire EARTH and other countries' regulations regarding the environment.  So while we cut off our self-sufficiency by not implementing the Keystone Pipeline and  we impose ridiculous regulations upon our agriculture system (our breadbasket and the farmers) and hindering INDUSTRY we have absolutely NO control over the REST of the planet which is the majority of the planet.  Can we control the destruction of the rainforests which plays a huge role in the cause of climate change?  No!  Not unless we want to declare war on the rest of the entire world and THIS administration wants to declare war on NO one.

I think the Liberals need to really calm down and re-think this whole thing.  I think a whole new government needs to put in place in this country.  One which respects the Constitution and the will of the people and which has a reality based mentality rather than a politcally based greed for power.

We, the PEOPLE of the United States of America (and not, Me, Obama, the President of the United States of America) need to move forward and forcefully towards an intellegent government that will allow this country to realize its capabilities by becoming a totally self-sufficent nation with a strong industry in order to provide employment for our CITIZENS.


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  • I have always said the "scientists" that claim global warming is caused by humans are saying that because that keeps research money coming in.

    I'm no scientist but, I believe the Earth is self filtering.

    The big holes in their theories is volcano emissions. Until the scientist can control that, my car and lawnmower are not a problem.

    On a related note, the EPA and Obama are actively trying to regulate emissions from wood burning stoves. How asinine is that when the emissions from the presidential entourage on trips and fundraisers far and away exceeds wood stove smoke. Perhaps they need to regulate forest fires too.

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