The Real Obama – Not the Fake One


Author Marcia Wood (Grandmother of seven awesome angels)

Wake up America this is 2012 and we’re being placed under lock and key by the one some call Obama.  The abuse that African Americans have taken since 2008 is beyond belief and it’s due to the actions of the “real Obama, “not the fake one.  The fake one promised African Americans the whole ball of wax, better schools, better teachers, jobs, help with their homes being repossessed, transparency, lower taxes – 95% of the African American community voted for him in 2008. 

Still after the bashing the African Americans have received the majority will vote for him in 2012 – go figure.  Here’s what they received from the greatest snake salesmen of all times.  Higher unemployment, no jobs, homes were repossessed, absolutely no transparency and horrifically poor conditions in many of their schools due to Union control.  Obama allowed the Unions to take over their schools and the trickle down affect has been inferior teachers who pretty much work banker hours for a pay check and a hefty retirement. 

Like Maxine Waters insinuated Obama is MIA most of the time, not spending time in their communities – he’s too busy playing footsy with his big bundlers, the Unions, the Muslim Brotherhood and Soros’s special interest groups.  In fact he’s treated them like second handed citizens and would prefer handing money out to the Gay Community then helping his own people. 

Obama told African Americans to “Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying.” it’s not exactly the type of comment you would expect from the Commander in Chief” of America.

But after all of the lies and false promises to the African American Community many are still hanging on to his coat tails and will obediently vote for him in 2012.  Instead of working with other Americans who just want to take back their Government and Country, they have bought into his class warfare and racism malarkey. 

Isn’t it time for the sake of their children, grandchildren and future generations to quit hanging on to Obama’s false “Hope and Change?”  He flushed their “Hope” down the toilet in early 2009 and the “Change” that they were promised was nonchalantly tossed out the White House window because Obama wanted their votes for one reason only.  In a nutshell, Obama had plans to put all of us in shacks, give us enough food and water to barely make it from one meal to the next and take away our God given freedoms and rights.

The very people the African Community consider their friends and saviors are the culprits who are taking food from their mouths and money from their pockets laughing all the way to the bank.  Maxine Waters, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Van Jones, Valarie Jarrett and others are terrorizing the African American communities.  These people have turned on their own people misusing and abusing them to promote a false ideology that has never worked in the history of mankind. 

The African Americans who plan to vote for Obama in 2012 might want to at least check out some very special resources – they’re true Patriots and they care about all Americans and our beautiful Nation.


Condoleezza Rice

Alan Keyes

Herman Cain

Please go to this website for some of the best of the best African Americans in our Nation.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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  • The majority proportion of the black population, that the left relies on for votes, will never see,hear,or know,of how they have been segregated, 'n severely limited of opportunities,because the discriminatory practices of the HHS, the depts of education, housing, take full opportunity them. Just as with the elderly, and disabled, their lives are dependent on the left being in power,has every business that houses them, supplies needed services, is of the lefts economic engine. The taxpayers dime.
  • I guess the blacks like to lied to.They still bow to the donkey!

  • How in the hell did us conservatives/Republicans let the party of slavery, (Dem/Libs) put us in the position of being what they are?

    Wasn't Faubus of Arkansas a Democrat? Wasn't Geo. Wallace also a Democrat? Remember these two govs against integration, didn't both of these men stand on the steps of their respective school houses and declare, "No N*****s shall pass.

    Wasn't it a Republican president who called out troops of the Army (not the National Guard) to help those two little black girls in to school in Arkansas? Also for Alabama?

    By gosh, I do believe it was, and that in Texas, it was 100+ blacks and 4 white guys that formed the Republican Party for that state. And in Washington D.C. or Massachusets that the National Republican Party was formed, as an anti-slavery political party, and a fellow by the name of,, let see,, his name,, was, oh, Abraham Lincoln, the man the South hated so much, because he ran on an anti-slavery platform, and won the election to the Presidency, that they saw no other thing to do, but secede from the Union. (Alledgedly under the 10th Amendment) but more from the  fact that Lincoln was going to declare (as England had done 50 Yrs previous) slavery to be illegal under Federal Law.

    Remember folks where your FREEDOM(S) come from... the so-called reactionary right:. Not the Party of Slavery and beholden to govt. for all you have. Also remember this, "Any govt. with the power to give largess is also big enough to take it away."

  • Remember that Obama is following Islam first!

    Islam is worse than communism and the rest of the laundry list. They go after to convert the ones placed in jail. Then the schools and colleges to indoctrinate and discourage them against the government. Then any ethnic group that are not happy with how they are being treated in this country. Then those who think the rich are depriving them of the monies they should be receiving.

    You have a gripe tell Obama and he will get on his TelePrompTer and give the country away to hand you what you want. This is how the democrats are taking over the country and Obama is the one they chose to finish the job. The agenda is to turn this country ya the world over to the Islamic government.... Yes I said Government! It is another government who has been allowed to move into this country by our elected officials. We are being invaded and have been invaded by another Countries Government! Get it?

  • Here is the real BO...



    Director Joel Gilbert Biography

    Joel Gilbert is the president of Highway 61 Entertainment in Los Angeles. He is the writer and director of Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad's Coming War for Islamic Revival and Obama's Politics of Defeat (2010) and Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam (2008), a history of Islamic-Jewish conflict from the 7th Century. Atomic Jihad was featured at the CPAC Conference in Washington D.C. and was a winning film at the Hudson Institute Film Festival in 2010.

    Gilbert is a contributing editor for the national security and foreign policy website, and appears frequently as a foreign policy analyst on national radio shows, including The Jerry Doyle Show and The Michael Reagan Show. Gilbert has lectured on Islamism for the Hudson Institute Briefing Council and toured the US and Canada screening his films and lecturing on the Middle East. Gilbert is a graduate of the University of London (London School of Economics and Political Science, School of Oriental and African Studies, BA 1986) and George Washington University (MBA 1991).


    This is NOT a WND promo. You need a source if you want a copy so this is only to make it easy...

  • Great responses - we know Susan Carroll is correct when she said we woke up late in the equation and we have a huge fight ahead, but I believe we will "Take Back Our Country America"   Take Back Our Country America (TBOCA)

  • I wonder if in the Black communities they call him an Oreo. Leading into the 2008 elections, wasn't it Al Sharpton that said "he ain't from the Hood, he ain't got no roots".
  • We have all sat silent while the left took over. We woke up too late in the equation, and have a huge fight to take back America.  THis goes back 100 yrs , minimally to WW2 when the Frankfurt School imbedded itself in NY.  This will be a very long slow battle, or blood in the streets.  Communists are in power, and many of the GOP are complacent.  We need to restore our commitment to our Creator, restore moral values, and return to basics.   Turn off the smut Hollywood sells.  Start having Sunday family dinners, stop buying the latest and greatest and return to family values, family time.  Stop dressing like hollywood, start taking pride in how you look...wear a dress, wear "business casual", stop hanging pants at your knees.  Don't support Hollywood, support family viewing.  The list goes on.  The enemy is within..take pride America in yourself.

  • Howdy Andre.

    i spotted this Muslim USURPER AND FRAUD for what he has PROVEN to be back in 2004 when he made that speech at the DEMOCRAP convention.

    as i said and it's  has been proven ACCURATE the blacks voted for him ONLY because he is BLACK

    they didn't give a crap that he is a PHONEY AND FRAUD AND IS DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY.

    i also hold those LILLY WHITE LIBERAL MINDLESS TWITS responsible for believing his crap as well like Matthews on MSNBC that all must have been talking a PISS in the same place to feel the TINKLE RUNNING DOWN THEIR WORTHLESS LEGS.


    Semper Fi.


  • Greetings again, One criterion you will find about me is I really don't comment upon something unless it has a critical relative importance!  It's why you won't find very many comments  from me.  Also while this may be a bit off this topic please weight its relative importance anyhow?  With that said one should pay special not to a book called The Art Of War By Sun Tsu and its relative importance both back during this time period and even today in its construct.  I'm referring to the construction of small but important (I'll label them as outposts of sorts).  Anyway, these were manned (not by the military as they should be) but rather from the peoples within their districts themselves.  Why?  By doing this while maintaining control they thus more efficiently controlled all the peoples within these districts as blood relationship is thicker than water and in this case a detriment in many ways.  It was and still is a great benefactor in continuing a communistic control tactic!  With that said I was wondering about the special detainment camps being built throughout the states today and their significance?  Both very good advice and vital food for a crucial thought process.    

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