The real Homosexual agenda

Just so no one is in the dark about the Perversion of all Homosexual activity please see the following statement by a Gay activist! I have recently started to finally stand up to Homos verbally attacking normal heterosexual marriages and family's. Enough is enough. They say their Homosexuality and also Gay marriage is a right! The fact is, Perversion and Sodomy is not a right! It is a Sin to be protected from. the Homos want a war? OK, let's give them one!

READ THE FOLLOWING declaration by the Gay community news...  IT IS AN ABOMINATION!

Do not be misled by the Gay community. Here is an example of the gay Agenda in America as it appeared in a writing in the Gay Community News written by Michael Swift...

We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity,

We shall seduce them in the schools,

in your dormitories,

in your gymnasiums,

in your locker rooms,

in your sports arenas,

in your seminaries,

in your youth groups.”

Why is this perverted garbage never shown on the national news media?

Gay rights? Gay marriage? Perversion is not a right! It is a sin! For they are an abomination to God! The son of man shall cast the wicked into the lake of fire for ever and ever. Amen Repent before it is to late!

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