“The Proper American Involvement In The Syrian Crisis”
Civil wars are ugly matters in whatever nation that may be involved. The United States had seen it's bloodiest battles not with the matter of the Revolutionary War with King George III and his hired Hessian mercenaries, no the American Civil War cost much more in terms of lives lost and was perhaps the worst war of not only in terms of lost American lives, but also in terms lost dreams, and certainly lost hearts. Those of us who who have learned the lessons of history are fully aware what civil wars are all about; that is the breaking of a nation torn in what cultural norms and also what a particular people of that nation hope to either change or remain in those things some would want to keep-good or bad.
In Syria, there is indeed a split in that culture, within the Syrian people are those who on one side want their ways to continue originally set by a previous dictator and now that dictator's son with much of the same policies to remain in power; that is to say; those aligned with the Assad family dictatorship are embedded in areas of the Syrian nation and have made their lives very comfortable in maintaining as well as supporting that dictatorship. On the other side, that is opposite of the Assad supporters are the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. This particular group has been heavily involved in the supposed “Arab Spring” in which nations that were once ruled by monarchy, dictatorships, other kinds of governments have been toppled by the Muslims sweeping in a whole host of Islamic Laws to rule the nation including the infamously restrictive Sharia Laws.
So, within Syria, we have two factions fighting one another; that is the ones loyal to the oppressive Assad dictatorship and on the other side; we have the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood. Doesn't sound much like a good choice for the Syrian people to me. Two factions fighting one-another to see which will control the Syrian people more. I have heard foolish US politicians like John McCain and others like them who have little interest in getting government out of the “business of war” continues in calling for the US Government to supply the Muslim Brotherhood with weapons to fight against the Assad loyalists, but in all honesty this is a just a stupid idea. When we have helped other Islamic nations in the past such as Egypt and Libya where the Muslim Brotherhood gained power, America not only didn't get a “thank you,” no, The United States instead was told to get out and refereed to as once again as the “great satan”----one minute we are awesome, the next minute we are poison. When the Muslim brotherhood gains power, America is the most evil nation on the world and “every American must submit to Allah, or die !
While Hilary Clinton tears up the Middle East wheeling and dealing for George Soros the Bilderbergs and“New World Order”, American tax dollars are being used to support Islamic revolutions all over the Middle East. Indeed, George Soros is an intelligent man, he is utilizing his money to build up a army of strong and fanatic men that are disguised as faithful followers of Muhammad. Soros knows that with the right “carrot” in front of these religious fanatics, his Islamic “army” can be placed in any nation Soros chooses and thus make any nation his financial slaves- the United States included. Let there be no doubt in you mind and heart that George Soros is one of the most evil and vile men ever to walk the world. George Soros has already given away billions of dollars(that's billion, with a “b”) to left wing and Communist organizations here in the United States so as to help topple our Republic. The end result if we are not careful, will be Soros having total control over ever aspect of our lives and Islamic's ruling our nation. Learn in detail just exactly what this man is doing and you will find everything I just shared here to be absolutely 100% true, this Soros may even be the anti-christ, he is that evil.
The America's economy is basically in the toilet, there is hardly any job growth and many American's have not only lost their jobs, they have also lost homes, families, and food is something that once was easy to purchase, but gasoline prices have cut heavily into family food budgets as well all across our land. What I'm leading to is that our nation has spent trillions of dollars since the Vietnam War, with not much good to show for the money spent-the world is still a dangerous place and we have less friends and allies, not more. We need a newer, smarter and much more practical way to fend off our enemies and protect our vital national as well as our international interests and allies as well. Being financially “broke” doesn't mean we have to flee from our “Super Power” status. We can certainly maintain our military might by beginning with utilizing much better and much more intelligence ways when using our resources and spending our hard earned tax dollars. Beginning with Syria, the USA needs to not supply weapons to either the Assad nor the Muslim Brotherhood forces. Instead, The United States should call upon the factions to have a 72 hour cease-fire. The purpose of the cease fire is to give all Syrian women and children time to temporarily exit the nation to bordering Arab nations as refuges and live there until the hellish Syrian civil war can be settled. The United Nations can use buses, planes, vans, whatever is at their disposal to help get these women and children to safety. Surrounding Arab nations surrounding Syria such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iraq should carry the brunt of the cost in transporting the Syrian women and children, even in terms of cost in setting up “tent cities” if necessary for housing for them. The United States should not have to contribute not even one dollar in this effort. Nations such as Saudi Arabia has more than enough money and ability in helping in paying for transportation and living quarters for these Syrians. In fact, the KSA, has a vested interest in seeing Syria stabilized and through acts of “good will” towards both of the Syrian factions, it would only benefit the Saudi royalty to help defer the costs of helping Syrian women and children in being safe.
For the United States, no need to spend one dollar more towards another stupid war where our Marines guard CIA poppy plant(heroin) fields. Nope, the US Military can stay home this time. The American People need to send Biblical Christian Missionaries to the Syrian refugees to help feed, clothe and take care of the medical and spiritual needs of those who need it. Not one US tax payer dollar should be spent on war----nope, like I already shared; smarter, more useful and beneficial is using American Christian Missionaries in ministering to the lost, dying and hurt. We have larger and even smaller ministries(such as mine and , we are always accepting financial donations as well) that are well equipped in helping just the sort of people who need help in Syria the most-that is Americans who have dedicated their lives in the call to serve others with the love of Christ. Perhaps you are not a true believer in the methods I described here as most helpful...Let me ask you, would you rather spend your (hard earned)tax money(without your consent nor approval-you don't get a choice from the US Govt.!) for guns to be purchased to see a mad man like George Soros gain more corrupted power, or would you rather see none of your tax money spent and you instead through your own choice-yourself give a few dollars to help keep women and children be blessed with a good meal and a safe place to live ? For most Americans, I believe the later of the two choices would take precedent.
We as a people have a choice, we don't need to allow evil people like the Clinton's, George Soros, John McCain and others like them push “ We The People” into more war and conflict. I'm all for a strong military, having one keeps evil nations and evil people in check and helps keep all America safe. There are many more opportunities though where we can “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Why not let Biblical Christian missionaries do their job and show the love, compassion of Jesus Christ ? It's the Biblical, smarter and cheaper way to go !
Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”
Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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