The Progressive Play Book

In the 60s and 70s the destroyer of children in the US according to the Progressives and their payed for Politicians was Cigarettes. First they demonized the product then people who used the product forcing smokers to back street alleys to enjoy a legal substance.

Who singled out the tobacco industry? Doctors who own the Insurance Companies who line the pockets of the Politicians. It was highly profitable to force "Political Correctness " on the masses so they can save money and make a higher profit not to mention the fortune in taxes.

The same approach is being played out on gun control. First the objective is to disarm the American population in the ruse of Public Safety, that way when the Armed Forces are turned on the population there will be little resistance. You say the Government won't turn on the American Population, wrong!

Kent State is the poster for State/Federal Government attacking its own,like a Mother eating its young the Elite will go to any measure to keep the population in servitude. The President has already got the program from his friends in Chicago like Bill Ayers and the Chicago underground.

If you don't know what the "Kent State "massacre was look it up. This was a Government response to the masses civil disobedience to an unpopular program (a little war called Viet Nam),just like today's programs called Obama Care,Tarp,Stimulus,Debt,Deficit Spending,attacks on the Second Amendment and many more.

Obama is"not a King" but he wants to be. It was once said " the Emperor has no clothes". In this case lets make sure that  "The King has no Country"!


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