The Pony in Obama Winning a Second Term.

839290470?profile=RESIZE_480x480Two boys were assigned to shovel a stable full of horse manure. One of the boys was depressed. The other enthusiastically shoveled with glee. “Why are you happy?” asked the depressed lad. His happy associate responded, “With all of this excrement, there must be a pony in here.”

As a Christian, I must trust and believe that God has a pony in allowing Obama to be reelected. Therefore, I will not join those who think we have lost the battle for America. Nor, do I subscribe to the nonsense that our Tea Party values are extreme. Our values are aligned with the human spirit. They are right and just.

In a recent article, I said Obama appeals to three groups: the clueless, entitlement addicts and racists. While entitlement addiction and racism played a role, I believe the vast majority of Obama voters are clueless because the mainstream media protected him.

Obama winning a second term is insane. Based on his horrible lapse in leadership regarding Libya, attacks on Christianity, attacks on business, assaults on freedom hidden in Obamacare and crimes against our Constitution, an informed America would not have given Obama four more years.

Like you, my fellow patriots who love America, Mary and I are hurt, disappointed and a bit mopy. But my resolve to fight to restore Godly principles and freedom back into my country is stronger than ever.

God is still in control and things can turn on a dime. In the Bible, Joseph went from being eternally doomed to prison to standing before the King in one day. That meeting led to Joseph becoming a ruler, second only to the King. God always has a plan.

Patriots, we have much work to do. Along with informing a clueless public, we must drag a weak-kneed Republican Party back to supporting the Tea Party principles and values that won them the House in 2010.

At risk of infuriating those who are so depressed by Obama's victory that they require suicide-watch, I believe God has a blessing/pony hidden in Obama winning a second term. My faith requires that I trust God.

Some say this election confirms that we have become a nation of entitlement junkies. I think not. Despite the left's best efforts to spin the election to mean the American people support Obama being the Robin Hood president, most Americans instinctively know that Redistribution Road does not lead to a prosperous nation. I believe many Americans are simply clueless of the truth and what is truly going on under the iron fist of the Obama Administration.

As I stated, we have much work ahead and must defeat three mighty foes; the Obama Administration, the mainstream media and a Washington establishment-minded Republican Party. Admittedly, our task is Herculean.

However, God and us are a majority.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  • You are so right Lloyd - God is still in control! so no matter what, we know how the story ends - we (who believe in Him) win.

    As for the GOP loosing, what did they expect when they gave us a RINO? Many Christians who hold to their faith can not vote for the lesser of 2 evils, as it is still evil.

  • 2 Chron. 7:14; Isaiah 5:20
  • You are so right Lloyd. We need to start working on the next Senatorial race in 2014. We can't sit and mop any longer, we just can't afford it. I will be emailing the GOP in the next couple of days a letter asking them if they have a record of the 3 million republicans that sat out this election. If so, will suggest to them that they should use the list to contact these folks and inquire why they didn't vote in the Presidential election. If we are going to win the next election we need these voters.

  • Thanks. great article

  • You are so right Lloyd. Leaving our religious values at home would be a tragic mistake that some even in the Tea Party recommend. He builds in vain who builds without the Lord. This country was founded by religious men and women and based solely on JudeoChristian principles. Leaving those principles out of the public discourse would cut the very heart and soul out of the American Experiment.

  • Lloyd, how right you are. Your words are inspired and inspiring. "The LORD established His throne in heaven and His kingdom rules over all". Psalm 103: 19. There are two kingdoms, the one is darkness and the other is the Glorious Kingdom of Light with Jesus as King. It is exciting to watch and see what He does with all this. I agree, now is a time to rejoice, not despair.
  • Thanks to all.

  • @EdWatts: All the luck in the world to you, Ed.

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  • Fighting for what you believe in is a noble and expected reaction, and it's necessary! Rolling over and playing dead after a setback is what bullies expect of their victims. But instead of just standing back up and resuming the same tactics again while expecting different results in the future, we must closely analyze why we lost this time and develop a more effective tactic starting today so we don't repeat those same errors in the future.

    While we can all target various reasons why America voted a failed President back into office I think it would be more effective to analyze how the Obama mob deflected their obvious failures in the eyes of the voters and had them focus on the issues they were most sensitive to. One big factor we all know of is that the Socialists control the majority of our media sources in this country. For the past four years the media was dominant for the stories they DID NOT report on (as opposed to prior years where they ignited controversy in even the most minor issues). The result of that was truly that they did keep the masses "ignorant" of what was happening on the large issues (the real reasons the Socialists truly wanted to control America), while pounding segments of our population on smaller issues that were "closer to home". The truth is, we all are more concerned about what is happening closer to home. Most people don't understand the larger national or international issues, so they don't bother to listen. When it comes time to vote they allign with the candidate who makes them feel good on their local issues. With the help of a bias media the left was able to bring the local discussions to the attention of the voter. You will notice that they focused on segments of voters: College students, women, and Hispanics. Why? Mainly because they could control the debate on their "local issues" while ignoring the larger issues. While many of us were voicing concern over a Communist movement to turn America into a socialist nation and the destruction of our Constitution, the majority of people in these focus groups could not evaluate the election at that level. So they voted based on their personal, close-to-home issues (like: "I want the government to pay for my tuition"; and, "women should have the right to control their female body parts"; and, "We want to stay in America even though we didn't come here legally"). Constitutional and international issues never were made dominant by the liberal media because those dicussions wouldn't win votes.

    So how do we conquer this problem, especially while the media is controlled by the socialists? That is the question we must solve!


  • @Daniel C. Brown Jr: Exactly right Daniel. As I said in an earlier post, they need to get aggressive and do more but with this "let's all get along" crowd it will never happen.

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