The Point of No Return

The mid-terms will be upon us in 2014 with a fight for control of both House and Senate. You can bet that the Democrats will use the dirtiest tactics to secure both House and Senate for control of the country. We are at the point of no return and any seats we already have are ours to lose.

If the Democrats take control in 2014, the heartbeat of our country will become a memory. You will see an attempt by the Obama administration to create a national police force, to combine all agencies under one roof to consolidate federal power across all states and remove local elected positions we now have for law enforcement. Obama will then be in position to control any outbreaks of opposition and begin to take the country into full government control and then he can begin to dismantle the Constitution piece by piece to fit his agenda going forward. 

The 2nd action he will take will be to increase Presidential terms limits and remove the two term barrier a president can serve to unlimited presidential runs. He will then tap the United Nations for help in uniting the Americas into one union as Europe has done and the World Monetary Fund will become the sole financial institution for both unions. Then he will attempt to make both house and senate appointed positions rather than elected positions and provide almost magical benefits to it's citizens, much like Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela to win approval. 

A lot will take place in the next three years including suppression of Christians by the government. You may think this can't happen, but if you are paying attention to the events over the last five years, you have seen the erosion of personal freedoms and the forced policies by the Obama administration put in place with hardly any opposition, except a few thousand people who fight with their hearts to change the hearts of all the low information voters who put him in place. The Real Clear Poll still has Obama at almost 46% approval rating and Congress at 31%. 

Obama has managed to commit voter fraud, grossly waste tax payers money with $100 million vacations, spied on Americans, secretly investigated the press, allowed the IRS to harass conservative groups, allowed the murders of American Diplomats and security personnel in Benghazi and has gone completely unchecked by the FBI and the Justice department. With no American Federal justice to take him down, he has no one to hold him accountable. 

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  • There's a very important note posted on this link!!!

    I encourage people to READ it, before Patriots get scared and take the law into their own hands.  IT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE GOVT WANTS, so they can excute martial law.  


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  • Soros controls the votes, since Spain handles the voting. So do you really think it will make any damn difference who you vote for? Voter Fraud is how Obama got his 2nd term! Unless they go back to Paper Ballots, we'll never see Legal voting again!

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