The peoples Amendment

THEIR EARS ARE COVERED BUT THEIR WALLETS ARE OPEN!"Question with boldness.; Hold to the truth.; Speak without fear." Glenn Beck speaks of these three mottos on Fox News. These three things I too believe are the root of the problems in America. Not because of them, but for the lack of them.For generation after generation we have lost our identity in this country. Who are we? From where do we stem? Who were/are our parents, our grandparents and their parents back through history? Why did they come to this place we call America? What were their goals, ambitions and hopes? In this day, do we really know or understand? Has our complacency become so instilled in our minds that we brush our heritage aside like a stray hair from our eye? Look back through the years and what our forefathers survived to bring us now to a time where 'WE THE PEOPLE' have now become 'NULL AND VOID."Our constitution was written in such a way as to suppress government control and restrain its power and will. It was amended as we developed as a nation of laws to protect individual rights. It is a political experiment never before conceived and has continued now for over two hundred years only to be threatened by apathy and blind faith. We have to remove the wool from our eyes and closely inspect the body of our country. Search for the flees and ticks sucking the life blood out of our fundamental beliefs this nation was founded upon. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!What good is a democratic republic with representatives who fail to represent? What good is a law which states 'No taxation without representation' when the word 'Representation' has been pushed to the side? Why elect officials to represent the issues pursuent to their state when these people not only ignore their constituents but pass outrageous laws that affect the whole nation. What is the purpose of a supreme court whose original directive was to rule on constitutional law and now legislates from the bench? Finally, why do we have a president who needs 'CSARS' to advise him when the presidential cabinet was created for that very purpose? The title 'CSAR' reeks of Communism even though they misspelled 'TSAR'. Its root word still stems from ancient Rome and "CAESAR."I have made a resolution never to use the word 'President' and the name of this man who now sits in the Oval Office within the most elegant public housing this nation has to offer. A man who stutters when a teleprompter is unavailable and who allows his spouse to use Air Force 2 to fly to where he is going in Air Force 1.I approve of the '9/12 Project' and am now a member of the 'Tea Party'. The following is my contribution (at least in theory) to the cause. Please go to the following website and read my proposal;THE PEOPLES AMENDMENTGo to; you,Wayne L.
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