By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Seek the truth and expose the collaborators, the people must know the truth.

The Path to Nazi Genocide will be a duplicate a strategy of the US Government.

Fellow Americans, the extermination of millions, will be repeated again here in these United States, Hitler was able to kill millions of Jews with the help of the Nazi collaborators and the Christian hatred toward Jews. Today our government is recruiting Christian preacher to help them in the control and subjugation of Americans patriots to be place in concentration camps when they start defending their rights and confronting the corrupt government that is destroying our country.

Most American will think that this is impossible, just like the German Jews, they can't believe that Hitler will arrest them and place them in concentration camps and exterminate them; but it happen.

Fellow Americans the fall of the Dollar and the economic demise of our country will be the beginning of this human genocide, the people will turn against the government and the government will place them in concentration camps and will kill millions with the help of Christian pastors that are trained to obey the laws of this tyrannical corrupt government. I ask you to open your eyes and see what is taken place in our country and ask yourself who is worse the ones that knowing what is going on and do nothing about it or the criminals that will kill Americans to stay in power.

This is what our government is doing to place American in concentration camps.

1- The building of concentration camps in the United States

2- The buying of food supply for millions.

3- Why the training of our arm forces for law enforcement?

4- Why HLS is expending millions in ammo.

5-Why the militarization of our police force.

6-Why our government is collecting information on American citizens.

7-Why our government is recruiting pastors and training to act as collaborators.

8-Ron Paul declaration.

Nazi collaborators.

History of human extermination will be repeated again here in the USA.

The church should not be part of this agenda.

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