The "Party of No"

I was told that we can't be the "Party of NO."

So, I guess the alternative is we the Republicans should be the Party of "Sure, go ahead."

Democrats: "We're going to increase our national debt to $25 Trillion."

Us: "Sure, go ahead."

Them: "We're going to expand the welfare state until we obtain a permanent majority through government dependency"
Us: "Sure, go ahead."

Them: "We are going to assume law making powers in the executive branch, making Congress irrelevant."

Us" "Sure, go ahead."

Them: "We're going to double down on Obamacare, change the law as we go so it best suits us, lie about it and then hand your family the bill."

Us: "Sure, go ahead."

Them: "We're going to grant amnesty and citizenship to 20 million illegal aliens, get them on the government dole so they always vote Democrat"

Us: "Sure, go ahead.

This is the bipartisanship we need in Washington? How do you feel?

Do you want a true opposition party? Do you want someone in Washington to fight the Liberal agenda?

Or, do you want us to go along to get along and always be too fearful to take a strong stand?
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  • I just unsubscribed from their newsletters today , I am tired ,of being harassed for money every time I turn around ! I have had people on the other side tell me , how can you be a republican you are poor ? I just tell them Jesus was poor too ! 

  • Could be scams too.  How about all the fear mongering going on to?  Anyone get those emails from the Tea Party about someone's video on how to prepare for the final collaspe of the dollar, etc., and then the fear mongering begins, and oh, buy my book, or whatever it is they are offering? 


  • Not yet Robert !

  • Any one received a email, I want to be your friend, from a Tea Party member and when you respond it ask you to contribute?
  • The New Pledge of Allegiance

    I pledge allegiance to Obama, Ruler of the United States of America,
    and to his associates for whom he stands.

    One nation, under Obama, indivisible,
    with liberty and justice for Democrats.

    The New High 5

    With right hand raised chant:

    Obama Rules!

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  • Jerry,

    I received those same e-mails.  How can our membership expire?  As much as I wish I could donate to every "worthy" cause, that's not possible.

    I'm ONLY sending money directly to candidates who I want to see elected.  No more middle men, no more parties, etc.

  • Not only NO , but hell NO!
  • Jerry , I am getting the same things ! In fact I get approx. 25 emails a day about donating to so many different things it is crazy . What part of I am poor do they not understand ? I was not aware you had to pay to be a part of , that damn almighty dollar ! Maybe someone with some computer savvy can set up a site for just us poor people ! LOL !

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