The Oprah-rization of America

oprah-winfrey-cries-17-08-2013-300x181.jpgFeelings, nothing more than feelings. Trying to forget my feelings of love...” Okay folks, I'll stop singing.

Is it just me or have you noticed that feelings now trump common sense and rational reasoned thinking in America today? Feelings have become more important than national security, our economy, the lives of our troops and even public health when you observe the politically correct way our government is dealing with this Ebola thing. It is insane.

I am not blaming Oprah, but I saw this trend towards everything-being-about-feelings beginning decades ago when the Oprah Winfrey show became the hottest thing on national daytime TV. Has our culture become too feminized?

Before I continue, allow me to admit an embarrassing personal quirk. When I am passionately talking about an issue, I sometimes struggle to hold back tears. Encountering honorable things such as love, courage and goodness also tend to cause me to well up. Every time this happens during a radio or TV interview, I feel humiliated. I ask myself, “Lloyd Marcus what in the world is wrong with you?”

My mom was a very compassionate and emotional person. As her first born, I wonder if I inherited something from her. I rationalize my quirk with the knowledge that Jesus wept for his people. So, I am in good company.

Having said that, I am appalled by the emotion-driven touchy-feely brain-dead metro-sexual idiocy that is running the show in America today. Apparently, somehow I missed the national memo banning testosterone and common sense.

Dad taught my three younger brothers and me to take pride in being men; always try to do the right thing, stand up for what you believe, nobody owes you anything, protect and respect women. Dad instructed, “When you take a girl out on a date it is your responsibility to return her home safely.” That is being a real man.

In our new wimpy America, manhood is no loner celebrated. Respecting women now includes asking a girl's permission before kissing her. Folks, biology dictates that most women like confidence in their men. Wimpy liberal dudes and hardcore radical feminists do not go nuts and misinterpret my point. I am NOT saying that women like overly aggressive jerks.

1eternity_350x250-300x214.jpgAll I am saying is that I would not have witnessed the same swooning reaction from my mom to the movie scene in which Burt Lancaster kissed Deborah Kerr on the beach had Lancaster asked permission before kissing her.

America's obsession with taking a kinder, gentler, careful not to offend or hurt anyone's feelings approach to everything is out of control.

A few examples...

Guilt feelings over America's sin of slavery have lead author and Ebola expert David Quammen to suggest that we risk Ebola getting into our country rather than blocking flights from Liberia. So this fool cavalierly advocates putting millions of Americans at risk of contracting Ebola as payback for slavery. This is insanity, folks.

As a child, I remember my grandmother was sent away (quarantined) for over a year because she had tuberculosis. Should my family have raised a stupid emotion driven stink saying there they go again, locking way (enslaving) a black woman? Quarantining my grandmother was the right thing to do; common sense.

Then, there is the disturbing way feelings has been allowed to reign supreme in Ferguson. Cops were instructed, do not come across too aggressive and let the angry looters wreak havoc freely for a night or two. Despite the police super sensitive nuanced response, Ferguson is still a war zone.

Allow me to propose a radical and controversial concept. How about the Ferguson police locking up everyone who breaks the law? I am concerned that feelings, rather than the facts, may factor in the fate of officer Wilson who shot Michael Brown.

A Democrat Missouri state senator said if officer Wilson is not indicted, then the current rioting “will seem like a picnic”.  Isn't such a threat outrageously irresponsible and inflammatory coming from a public official? Oh I forgot, the senator is black and Democrat, so he gets a pass. Never-mind.

4StarGeneral-Jack-Keane-217x300.jpgGenerals are frustrated that we are fighting ISIS with one arm tied behind our back because our Commander-in-Chief feels it would be unfair and mean to unleash the full power of the U.S. Military in defeating our enemies. Such half measures ultimately lead to higher numbers of U.S. troops dying. Its all about feelings folks.

In keeping with the Obama administration’s pattern of using every governmental agency at its disposal to overrule the Constitution, punish its enemies and bully Americans, the FCC is considering a petition to ban the name “Redskins” from being used over the airwaves. Can you believe that folks? Remarkably, Democrats believe being sensitive to the feelings of those who are obsessed with political correctness is worthy of killing the First Amendment.

Everywhere you turn, Constitutional rights, the law and freedom of speech are being overruled by a hypersensitivity to hurting someone's feelings. Liberals tell us that public expressions of patriotism and wearing a t-shirt displaying an American flag to a California school on Cinco de Mayo is mean because it hurts the feelings of illegals. Don't you just want to yell, “This is my country! Get over it!”

I know what you are thinking. What about your feelings as a hardworking, law abiding, flag waving, tax paying, play by the rules U.S. citizen? As far as Obama, Hollywood, the MSM and assorted other liberals are concerned, your feelings do not count. Period.

Feelings, woo-o-o feelings...woo-o-o feelings, again in my arms.”

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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  • we the people,who are the real government.its ovomits/satan the ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum traitor agenda21{new world order}add common core and pre- which mayor diblasio pushed for,so they can indoctrainate young children into being good little goose stepping brown shirts.diblasio marched in a muslum rally in ny,but you won,t see that in the bought and paid for lame stream treasonous on the web site red state about a year and a half ago.ovomit has muslums in key positions in his unconstitituional adminstration,even janet napalitano had a muslum terrorist in her homeland security,when rep louis gohmert questioned janet on it.she gave the usually ovomits answer to not answer any questions,and when rep gohmert kept questioning janet.all she said was she has never been treated like this.well janet we don,t like a muslum brotherhood being put in a top secret oversee we the people,islam is an idealogy not a religion all non muslums the non believers or the infidels,are to be ambushed and beheaded.add the cair group which is a frt for the muslum brotherhood and la razz,our borders mot being protected so illegal{means against the law}aliens/drug cartels/muslum terrorist can easily come into america.add also british royalty bilderberrys the dark money billionairs soros.and all politicans who haven,t cared or fought for we the people in years.and with eric{i,m in contempt of court}holder and his equally racist ovomit,keeping us divided with racism scandals.stay alerted/focused/prepared.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens 

  • Karen Middleton said and I agree that Oprah has a lot of influence on her fans .  I never cared for her "touchy feely" brand of talk show. The office I worked, in the '90's, the girls like to have Oprah on in the background... every once in a while I'd look up at the panoramic view of the audience.  If they weren't ALL white it was pretty damn close.  But when I heard of her charity work, it was always directed at blacks & in particular Africa.  Good give back to the community.  Only that wasn't the community that made her so rich!  And lately, she had made some racist remarks to make about Whites.  

    “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it — in that prejudice and racism — and they just have to die!”

    OF COURSE she could have been talking about Holder, Sharpton, both obamas....but that's doubtful.

    Also there’s the whole business about people only hating Obama because he’s black and not because of anything he did during his time in office.

    She's an ass... a very rich one and it wasn't the ghetto queens here or in Africa that made her super rich and famous. 

  • The last straw was when Oprah started being a spokeswoman for Obama.  From then on....I don't watch any of her programs, or anybody who got their start from her like Dr. Phil, or her magazine.  I consider her a TRAITOR to this country, and just as evil as Obama and his tranny wife.

  • never...ever...watched oprah......but I can tell you this.....the patients are running the asylum...political correctness is now replacing the constitution....and social engineering has replaced common sense. the welfare rats are at war with the people who work to pay the taxes, that pay their freebies...and we have a cluster of insane idiots in the white house.....while christains are being trampled on in this country, and their constitutional riights..and their rights to worship freely are being taken away...the muslims in this country are making more and more demands...and getting away with it...while their mosques have become terrorists centers for radical Islamic rhetoric.....and you never know who will be sitting or standing nest to you in a public restroom......the center of all of this is the screw up sitting in the oval office....and I hope one day he pays for the destruction of what he has done to this country...and the idiots that voted for him....if that is classified as racist...then so be it.

  • Before I continue, allow me to admit an embarrassing personal quirk. When I am passionately talking about an issue, I sometimes struggle to hold back tears. because the refrigerator is empty and my lard ass needs FOOD

  • There was a period of great prosperity in America up until the early years of the new millenium. Billionaires flourished, but the buying power of the working American slowly declined. Why was Adam Smith's trickle down principle not working?  One used to identify great wealth as a product of great entrepreneurship and pro capitalist minds. Now we have a multitude of Billionaires that wield great power. No longer do they stand for free enterprise and the dynamics of a constitutional and nationalist political system. Could there be even the remote possibility that many of the billionaires that are the repository of great wealth, great influence, and great political  power were made billionaires by shadowy people other than themselves. Why have those who should be recognized for entrepreneurship and capitalist initiative becoming the pillars of cultural Marxism in the land that made their wealth. A clue can possibly be found in what they express as their agenda. Redistribution of wealth? They are not worried, they know that redistribution will not effect them, but will create a vast underclass of universally equal poverty. Why are some of them like Bill Gates not leaving their fortune to their legal heirs? Could it be that one of the planks of the Communist manifesto aims to abolish inheritance?  If that is their motive, then Bill is showing himself to be a true believer that would make Marx proud. Celebrities and billionaires the oligarch and social gurus that tell the millions what to think, how to act, and how to surrender to tyranny. 

  • I don't watch oprah. I choose rather to turn the channel or turn off the TV. If I could I would block her channel altogether.  Like her dr phil what a waist of air space. 

  • She has become a reminder of prison nation status,  Sympathy for the criminals and thugs.  Freedom for the criminals and thugs.  Innocence lost is now for only nations who live by the sword.  The sword is now your friend.  Only power is the enemy.  The power of the prisoners.  The guards are the reason the soldier is once again spit upon.  Respect those who suffer and weep.  Not a friend but, a confused leader who is broken. 

  • I think the problem is that America has not held men and women like Oprah accountable for their bigotry and disguised racism... Oprah is a community agitator, in the strictest definition of the Marxist ideology, she has a history of agitating for rebellion/fundamental change.

    It is time that these icons of rebellion be labeled for what they are... social pariahs whose lives have agitated for fundamental change in our culture. Political correctness was birthed by individuals such as Oprah it is time that we take a closer look at the results of her political and social activism.

  • Really? The more this woman and other like her continue to push this bigotry, racist and whatever else they can come up with onto the rest of us, the more we will resist their onslaught. If these people would just let it go for a while, many of us will be more tolerant. When someone is always pushing, there are always those who will push back solving nothing.

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