The obvious choice

Last August, 2011, I indicated that the world communist party is running the U.S. Federal Government via two primary proxies; Mr. Obama and the progressive group in the Senate and to a somewhat lesser extent, the house of representatives.  By the way, don't forget their numerous support groups, the labor unions and "public" education at all levels, as well as 95% of the traditional press outlets, more accurately pegged as communist propagandists. 

I am writing this because it is becoming increasingly obvious that the communist party has infiltrated the Republican presidential nomination process.  Last summer, I warned about Rick Perry.  Now what do you say after the country has had a chance to take a look at him?  Gingrich now enters the fray yet again.  I don't relish having to say this because I still remember when Newt rebuked House Speaker Tip O'Neal by calling him a communist.  This was to Newt's credit because it was an accurate statement that took courage to say.  Very, very few of our representatives have had the courage to call a dog a dog.  Unfortunately, Mr. Gingirch has now himself been co-opted by the communists via Pelosi to accept the environmentalist agenda, yet another communist front or proxie.  So Newt is now an environmentalist and we should know that the environmentalists are the most potent communist front in organizing and implementing the communist regime in America.

So, let's see now.  Only Bachman, Santorum, and Cane remain as viable candidates.   Bachman has recently said she would raise taxes yet her record is clear Tea Party.  Why hasn't Santorum been given more, even any press coverage?  Cane is obviously a threat to the communist agenda since he has been so savagely attacked in repeated attempts to discredit him.  Any of these three might "do."  But just adequate may produce just adequate results.

So who is the diamond hidden among the rough?  Cane, Santorum, Bachmann?  Established psychological principle states that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.  This being the case, Bachmann's record clearly indicates she is the true American Patriot.   To raise taxes is rarely good, but even Patrick Henry favored raising taxes for the narrow purpose of funding an American Revolution against tyrannical Britain.

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