No more privacy and no where you can go to enjoy your personal privacy.  Now you know who's watching you and just how much they can see from a drone.  The real question is who is watching the watchers to ensure they do not violate our rights.

We must take a stand against this invasion of privacy under the guise of Homeland Security.  Contact your congressman and senator immediately to demand they take action against spying on US citizens now.  The time to take a stand is now because our constitutional rights depend on our vigilance every day.   

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  • Drones, the new SS.

  • Thanks Dee, as always today a lot of great posts; thanks Pete: Love the replies, thank you. As the ammo thats been piled up by the govt, the same holds true for the drones, We The People will make good use of them, thank you DC. DC you should have known better. I read a great post last night 1100 Green Beret just signed up to keep their OATH to GOD< COUNTRY< CONSTITUTION< & FAMILY. I also read more Sheriffs that reafirmed their Oath. I also read more military that also reafirmed their OATH. Also went thru Conservative Christian Constitutional groups, such as NRA plus other pro gun & pro 2nd Amendment groups, Militias in every state, etc etc We The People, the loyal, honest Patriots are growing stronger by the minute, DC lets do it, lets get it on, UN youre going down in a heart beat, muslums youre one breath away from hell. All of you enemies of America prepare to meet your master satan then burn in hell forever

  • Vigilance is the order of the day, as well as actively waking up everyone you know and care about. Make sure that they know what's going on and that it will only get worse if they just sit on their thumbs! It may come that target practice is needed!

  • Don't be dumb.  It flys at 17,500 feet above where most small planes fly.  Anything you or I can legally own will not track, reach or kill this thing.  Besides who cares if they look

  • I don't write my congressman... I go directly to his office for hours at a time. They listen and take notes, but they never answer me. They don't care. I am tired of wasting my time. I will just stay informed and prepare for the worst. Hopefully one day someone or some huge body of someone's will do something constructive instead of destructive. I can't continue being pissed off on a daily basis. My wife and kids deserve better. If congress won't do anything, what the hell can I do. God is in charge and I will trust in that. Obama is just a heaping pile of chicken manure along with anyone who agrees with his crap. Blog blog blog.

  • aren't drones just federal provided target practice?  Its a public service effort so that we can hone our shooting skills.  Thank you Federal Government.

  • And there are only 30000 of these that have been cleared by the Government. Don't you feel safe now?

  • Montana sheriffs and peace officers issue statement on gun legislation 

    The Montana Sheriff's & Peace Officer's Association board has come up with a unified stance in regards to gun legislation.

    The sheriffs met last week in Helena and endorsed a letter upholding citizens' constitutional right to bear arms.  GOOGLE IT STAND TALL TIME TO GET OFF THE COUCH FELLOW PATRIOTS

  • "WHO" are the American people going to hide from, our elected government?  I would suggest that WE THE PEOPLE are not going to cringe in fear from a DICTORIAL government, rather we shall OVERTHROW said DICTORIAL government!

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