The new world order

Glenn Beck brings up an interesting view on the new world order world leaders are pushing, including President Obama. There is nothing new about it; it’s as old as you can get. It’s the Babylonian world order, says Beck. King Nimrod had the idea of building a tower reaching to the heavens which represented the king and his people, the bricks all of equal size and he was the mortar—manmade bricks. According to Beck, the new world order talk is Nimrodean babble.

None of the modern oracles talk of the true new world order. I’ve a message for President Obama. Unknown to most, a new world order is in the works, based on natural law, which does work. Beck touched on it when he called us stones rather than manmade bricks. I’ll now elaborate on it. Natural law is the background of America’s Constitution; that is, as written, not as interpreted. America’s original Constitution is the mortar that holds us together; its misinterpretations the wrongs that divide us. Obama doesn’t know this. We should tell him.

The seeds from which we come, of equal size, but as in all life, growth being unequal, we humans mentally grow at different rates. Our mental growth is natural and mostly our personal choice. For man to attempt to make us all equal is saying man makes us. Obama does not make us. Please tell him that it is a personal choice to allow others to direct our lives. The more Obama directs, the more the resistance.

According to America’s original Constitution, every individual citizen has inalienable rights, rights that can’t be taken or bartered without the individual’s permission. That’s where America’s judges went wrong. They ruled against the individual’s inalienable rights. Justice Brandeis, a Roosevelt appointee: “Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means an end.” Obama tells us he is a Roosevelt Democrat. According to Court precedence, government entitlements come ahead of the right to exist on the fruits of one’s own labor. Obama says the Constitution is flawed. America has been on the wrong course ever since our judges stripped us of our God-given rights. Nimrodean babble from the White House and the bench has to go before America can move forward.

When you allow others to direct your life, you give up your inalienable rights, your personal responsibility, your self-reliance—everything your Creator gave you to cope. You allow might to make right, both for yourself and everyone. You agree to Nimrod’s law: the law of the jungle. We, the people, like Moses, have to force the freaks in control of our lives to “let my people go.”

Here is what we don’t know, and apparently Beck, that scientific discovery reveals. The observer now emerges as co-equal in creation. The tests of Bell’s theorem have shown that the observer interacts with matter. The human mind is basic to reality. I recommend that Beck and the Tea Party people read Evan Harris Walker’s The Physics of Consciousness.

Materialism has served us, made our live vastly better, and at the same time given us the idea that we’re not subject to nature’s laws, actually shut down conscious awareness; allowed us to leisurely drift numb skulled on the tides (the profile of a liberal). Redistributionist Obama is the liberal’s savior. I’ve news for liberals. There comes the moment of truth. Hard times are coming very soon. Our challenges will be great. The weaker willed, living only for today, will perish. That’s the way of nature.

Consciousness has been broached scientifically. Liberals should pay attention to the scientifically proven truth. Here is a preview of the new age. In addition to the physical domain governed by immutable laws, a range of happenings leaves open the selections of the mind. Behind this selection is the will. The will communicates with a common control center. When I read the Constitution, and this is important, with the idea of using it to demand my inalienable rights, I had the feeling that voices from the past were speaking to me. Miraculously, it worked. But, hey, you don’t challenge the powers that be and get away with it. When everything should have gone wrong for me, everything went right. Ever since I took it upon myself to perch on the same limb with the top birds of the pecking order, my life has continued to get better. I took seriously that under the law we are all equals. Who, besides me, knows this and practices it? The IRS called me a “Fifth Amendment freak” and ended eating their words. I predict that liberals’ days are numbered. What does Congress’ ding bat know? Pelosi and her kind are going to be left at the switch.

I’m Aquarius rising. Astrologer Jeanne Avery, in The Rising Sign, under “Aquarius Rising:”

“He becomes the water-bearer by walking to the beat of a different drummer.” Aquarius rising means as I grow older I become more Aquarian in nature. When I was age 49, I departed my old life and became an adventurer seeking a better life—much like the original Americans. By the way, America was born under the sign of Aquarius.

Continuing with Aquarius rising, Avery: “He may be the person to bring back information that has been lost to civilization for centuries. The Person with Aquarius on the rise can be very avant-garde. He is a forerunner in setting style, discovering new methods, and showing the rest of humanity the way.”

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that instead of going back in time to make a point, like Beck, I’m at the present looking backward and forward. With my astrological configuration, in Astrologer’s Handbook I read that I’m here “to work slowly and make fundamental and irrevocable changes” in my life and others lives. Avery: “He knows where the fruit grows and where the spotlight can hit. He is not one to hide his light under a bushel.”

Numerology says my “Life Lesson Number” is 7. Under 7, we read: “You are here to use and to develop your mind. . . You should learn to spend time by yourself, in the woods or by the seashore, where you can get in touch with your inner self and your deepest thoughts . . .” I’m living in the woods, largely by myself.

Astrologer’s Handbook, in reference to my being born with Saturn trine Pluto: “Often there is a sense of destiny or a peculiar karmic mission which they must fulfill.” I wonder how many people can say, at age 85, that their lives are as good as it gets. Clearly, I’m on my path of destiny. Believe me and be ready for the new world order. Believe the control freaks and be taken back a thousand years.

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