The Myth of Segregation's Return


The 60th anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision was sure to draw a flood of retrospectives and analysis, and properly so.

But an equally safe bet was the hijacking of the occasion for the proliferation of agenda-driven malarkey.

If you name something the “Civil Rights Project” and put it at UCLA, it becomes easy to predict what it will crank out. Just in time for what should be a celebration of a landmark ruling marking our societal path to enlightenment, along come these Debbie Downers to tell us that no, in fact, segregation is still very much alive.

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This may come as a surprise to anyone with a grasp of what words mean.

“Segregation,” as it pertains to the history of U.S. education policy, refers to actual laws preventing kids of certain races from attending certain schools. It recalls the unfathomable days when a black student could live within the territory of a school near his home and be denied admission because of skin color. Our schools have long been purged of such poison, but how will the Civil Rights Project at UCLA fill its days if American law has indeed righted itself racially?

Needing a narrative of America as a land still in dire need of racial scolding, they have graced us with a report, “Brown at 60: Great Progress, a Long Retreat and and Uncertain Future.”

Rest assured the “Great Progress” section in no way recognizes our society’s enormous leaps toward racial awakening. It embraces instead the social engineering that yanked both black and white kids out of schools they wished to attend, casting them into faraway classrooms to achieve diversity numbers that pleased an activist bureaucracy but made kids miserable.

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  • Government should not be dictating to us, with whom we should or should not associate ourselves. The First Amendment freedom of assembly does imply freedom of association for individuals. As to Brown vs. Board of Education, I see there are lots of all-black African-American colleges and universities all over the country. I would be willing to bet that the majority of black Americans today would love to go back to the days of Plessy v. Ferguson, of separate but equal, if indeed they were guaranteed equality of education facilities. Many black Americans today want as little to do with whitey as possible: birds of a feather DO flock together. How many racially-integrated Christian churches do we have in America today, as opposed to racially segregated ones? The civil secular government cannot force the racial composition of religious institutions.

  • One thing that is a fact. When it came to the constitution and the law of the land, blacks had the same national constitutional rights as whites. Schools, workplaces, restaurants, and yes buses were the private domain, or the domain of city or county municipalities. It was the responsibility of States and municipalities to insure good treatment for their citizens. The Federal government only had the right to enforce the Constitution as it was written and intended by the writers of the Constitution. The 10th amendment gave all other powers to the states. Those very same framers of our Constitution also set standards whereby our constitution could be amended. Any amendment that did not meet those requirements would have been viewed by the framers as usurpation of the constitutional process.
    The so called Jim Crow laws were usually not laws at all, but requirements for proof of literacy, or of vested interest in their respective communities in regard to things like bond elections, and elections that directly effected the vested interests of communities. Whites who were not literate could fail the literacy tests. White vagrants could be excluded from voting on school bond elections. Illegally created and oppressive statutes did happen, and do happen. But rectification of those municipal illegalities were the responsibility of the municipalities and the states. They were outside of the domain of the federal government, and it is clear that the so called civil rights act is not a legally ratified amendment to the constitution,

    When God created the institution of the nations, he knew what he was doing, because when two peoples of very alien racial, cultural, and psychological origin live in co-dependent relationhip, injustice will happen. When God divided the peoples and gave inheritance to the sons of men, he gave them what they needed to flower and grow. When you put red and black ants in large numbers into a red ant colony, they do not instantly embrace each other and say welcome, come join our colony, their actions become immediately hostile and defensive. We are nor red and black ants, we are humans, and we are all equally human, but we are not the same humans, and each people on the face of the earth needs a just measure of autonomy. As we have been able to see by the empirical evidence of our present chaos, time brings about the ultimate clash that none of us really want. Simply put when the natural laws of nationhood are violated and people attempt to create utopia through that which is un-natural there are consequences .

    The will to power is inherent in human relationship. Relationships are ordered by power. Shared power is a myth, and that very concept is a creation of corrupt minds that do not understand human beings. Either you have the power over the destiny and future of your people, or someone else does. White submissiveness and self sacrifice has not produced the utopia that left wing white submissives had hope for. Instead, the chaos grows and with the years becomes more oppressive to both blacks and whites. Neither of which have true self determination or ethnic autonomy.

    The civil rights movement delivered all power into the hands of the federal government which as a pretext of protecting civil rights, has made Washington DC the master of state and country and city. It has given the federal government the power to intrude into the private lives of citizens. It has addicted our universities, our schools, and institutions of science and research to federal money. The carrot on a stick, if you want federal money do what the federal government wants you to do. Find what the federal government wants you to find, and teach and propagate only that which the federal government wants you to teach and propagate.

  • Any woman that marries a Muslim is proclaiming their alliance with the Koran that supports taking of Slaves! Islam is a "religion" of hatred and against God The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost! God Bless America!

  • Abubakar Shekau, the Boko Harem, leader announced, “There are many verses in the Koran that allows the seizing of slaves.” Many Blacks convert to Islam--a "religion" that supports and encourages the taking of others as SLAVES! Why do the American Blacks want to join such a "religion" of hatred?? The Muslims started enslaving Africans in 1700. Black people need to seek reparations from their Muslim brothers. The Muslim Countries have OIL WEALTH and THEY owe the African Slaves that they transported to Europe! Europeans would not have slaves id it were not for the Muslims! The movies and pictures of SLAVE SHIPS are MUSLIM SHIPS--not White man's ships! The White man has allowed the lie to continue throughout history! We do not owe any African anything! The Muslim POTUS wants to make Black Americans into the Slaves of the Koran! WAKE UP AMERICANS!!! You top 1% take your $$ and leave us alone! We own The USA! We have Soldiers that fought and died for a FREE AMERICA! They have fought and died for you rich cowards!! You top 1% are leeches off our soldiers and working America!! GO YOUR OWN WAY!! YOU 54% Freeloaders are cowards who have leeched off the rest of us too! You can go with the 1% so they can foot the bill for a change!

  • When you put a crazy man in the White House what do you think is going to happen? 

  • This serge of "racism" seems to be pushed by Black "leaders" who need more $$$$ .  If they cannot push racism they lose political power.   Billions of $$$ have been paid into groups to improve the education. living , work standards.   The top guys got rich.  And now 2nd, 3rd generations are waiting for their free Obumo phone.  Creative/work ethics have been destroyed .   Now it is racists if you do not have the same ideas or if you have proved what they are saying/doing is a lie.    It is racist if your have worked hard and have made something of yourself.  Or created  great things.   You are called the privileged.   Even if you came from poverty and worked your way up yourself.   With out getting points for being a minority,  free education, and grades were not important.  Just feeling good.   The Great Society has destroyed a great race's dreams/creativity, family, work ethic all to give them poverty, one parent houses, and a gov't check +food stamps.    The whole country lost on this deal.

  • Equal opportunity to those that deserve it and appreciate it regardless of their color, race, religion, or natural origin.  The regime agenda is not help, is to create friction, it is their only weapon.  And with so many lazy, envious people with inferiority complexes  they might succeed.  Communist know human weaknesses and know how to exploit them.

  • Jerry, Why do we need to be pro or negative anything? God has instructed us to love thy neighbor. Why cant we all see that. Love our fellow man not hate them.


  • Pro black is mandatory, pro white is racism

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