The Mobocratic Dislike of Sarah Palin

I have had it with the phrase, "I like Sarah Palin...but..." This is not coming from Liberals, reticent Independents, but Tea Party Conservatives.  I have had it!!! I will invariably ask, "well, why don't you like her?" And I have never received a satisfying answer.  The speaker will look thoughtful, hem and haw for a moment, and usually come with something as lame as, "she's weak, " "she can't possibly win," or "the mainstream media hates her!"  What??? Does any thinking person really give a flying frisbee about what the MSM regards as good or bad?  I will no longer accept the mobthink in which the entire Left, and many on the Right, participate when it comes to Palin.  Look closely at Sarah Palin.  Scrutinize, research, follow, and read the words she has written.  She is no lightweight. She is highly intelligent.  And though she is not pretentious like Obama or Kerry, she is eloquent.  Her eloquence comes from her heart-felt love of country and love of God.  I challenge you to press anyone on the Left or Right, who glibly dismisses Sarah Palin as qualified Presidential candidate, to give a legitimate reason for their stance.  I assert that she is qualified, she is soundly rooted in the Constitution and the concepts individual liberty and accountability.  She is an individualist, unique, tough and whip-smart.  And SHE CAN WIN!
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  • Palin is no threat to me.  I just want the best chance to beat Obama without settling for Romney.  She is a loose cannon that the mainstream media will eat up and the undecided and Independents will run back to Obama.  She energized the campaign at first until she started opening her mouth too much.  A Canadian comic played a trick on her right before the election saying he was the Prime Minister of France and Palin fell for it and the conversation was so stupid it made her look so backwards. One example, the phony prime minister said I like to shoot and kill things and Palin said me too come to Alaska and we can do it together. Falling for that gag showed her to be naive and gullible.  The real Prime Minister of France would never speak that way.  She has posed in bikini pictures in recent years.   She quit her job as Governor in Alaska and her and her family became Reality Show stars. Perceived as a quitter and media hound.   If you want a woman Bachmann is better.  She is smarter, more accomplished, and classier.  I like Cain, Pawlenty, and Perry (not quite in race yet).  I love Rubio and West but I think they are getting more experience and waiting for 2016 especially if Obama wins and the polls unfortunately are leaning his way but it is early.  Governor Perry of Texas has the look and delivery and has never lost an election.  Trust me on Palin if not write Neal Boortz.  You got the All American wholesome family look have you ever considered politics.  I am not being fresh and I am happily married but you got the look and you write well.  What you do for a living.  Can you speak.  Start in local elections work up.  I'll advise you I know what sells. Candidates are sold to the public like any other product and you look marketable and your writing has spunk and confidence to it.  Sincerely, Angelo Mule'
  • That's funny.  Conservatives by and large held their noses and voted for McCain because they had no other choice.  Had he not chosen Palin as his running mate his candidacy would have been the biggest non-story of 2008.  She energized the base and her message resounded with Conservatives.  You say she can't win but you don't say why.  Why do you oppose her candidacy? She is a threat to the political establishment because she refuses to follow their rules. Is she a threat to you?
  • Sure and a 40-1 or longer occasionally wins the Kentucky Derby but I like better odds.  Did you forget Palin was on the ticket last time and she was mainly the albatross at the end not McCain.   MCCain/Libermann might have won or just barely lost.
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