THE Barnum Circus is not dead; the show must go on no matter who cares!  The only winner in this political contention are the ticket sellers; the people/the customers have been duped once again, and the fat lady is laughing all the way to the trough.  When people have unrealistic expectations due to emotional/knee jerk responses it is no better than a circus animal being conditioned to perform, knowing that the reward is frothing with blood.

The fresh meat is the tease for man, the citizen wishing for freshness in government leadership.  Well, it always winds up that the leadership is questing for power, control and wealth. Power to rearrange our destiny; Controlling our freedom; and stripping our wealth for their gain.

Yes, they have declared our Nation a Democracy; a hair strand away from absolute rule.  No more do you hear that we are a Republic; it is not politically correct, but it is so wrong. Within a democracy the majority will always win; the minority will go unheard, and unrepresented.  In theory it works; in practice it is an absolute rule.  Most educators will indoctrinate their bewildered pupils with the notion that we are a democracy. Of course, the are mostly socialists/progressives who deny the Constitution's significance, as well as the Bill of Rights' rightful place.

A democracy is derived from demos krateo: "rule of the people.. dangerously handed power to the impassioned,unenlightened masses"  It is "the government of the worst".  A REPUBLIC --the res publica, or a "public thing".   "It was meant to secure the common good  through "the ministration of the most worthy, enlightened men. It was meant to be a representative government, one elected; not governed by the masses or impassioned, impulsive; flavor of the day government.  In part, that was the beginning of the demise of the Roman Republic when they adopted and adapted the Greek influence on the Roman concept of a Republic and rule of law.  The stoic and the liberal never mix well; together cannot sustain freedom without a struggle to keep it.

Now, we are on the road to choose the most unworthy, the most unqualified, the most non representative leaders who are emboldened by the mob or the uniformed masses. 

Yes, we are one step away from absolute rule: the mob's choice!

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