There you go again you lying bigoted media saying: "Only trump could get away with that..." Have you forgotten how you communist media types have covered up for dictator obama, in a thousand different ways, for 8 years? Your refusal to criticize any of obama's thousands of crimes, should convince the most moronic idiot that the media is a gang of biased commie propagandists and the media must be dismembered. Media swine should be hauled outside their studios and hung like the traitorous rats they are. There is no honest, fair or objective media. You are a communist propaganda machine sending out lies, brainwashing and intimidating white people 24-7. You have turned most white people into stupid, ignorant, voyeuristic cowards. But not all of us, there is a growing core of hatred against the media that one day will blossom out and annihilate you enemy propagandists. When it comes to the supporting other traitors who wipe their asses on american flags, while you gleefully snap the pics, you media traitors are right their hurrahing black racist traitors. When it comes to black racist murders, rapes, threats , intimidation and special privileges, you media traitors are always on their side, twisting the truth, belittling innocent white people and scaring white sheeple with your biased terrorism. You are pro-muslim, although moslems are a phony murder cult that wants to turn the world into a charnel house. There is always the US media backing them up. Obama is a crooked marxist racist moslem dictator but to you media swine, he is a demi-god. You coined the term "birther" in a childish attempt to intimidate those who know that obama is illegal, a foreign born hater of america. But the media always lies for him  because , like the media says, "obama can say or do anything, we will make sure of that." You media are marked as totalitarian criminals and you will be treated like all the others of your ilk when justice comes for you. In the meantime you have perverted the idea of a free press. It does not exist. It  is either a commie media that hates everything America once stood for and is a clear and president danger to white people (that's what we have) or a patriotic media that represents the majority. That's what we don't have. Media scum are crazy commies, they have got away with every crime in the book too long by exploiting the lie that freedom of the press leads to a fair and honest press. We will never forget how you media protect obama, filled the world with lies and are a pressure group for authoritarian, totalitarianism Your power and evil must be destroyed along with your twin propaganda advertising.. Damn you to hell forever!

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