The Lynching of Herman Cain by Kris Zane

The Lynching of Herman Cain

by Kris Zane

November 2, 2011

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For those of us old enough to remember the debacle of the Clarence Thomas “lynching,” many have likened Politico’s “scoop” of Herman Cain being accused of sexual harassment in the 1990s, and the subsequent “coverage” by the mainstream media, as an attempt to repeat history. Several years after the Clarence Thomas debacle, with the changing of the guard, another man, Bill Clinton, was accused of sexual impropriety; and when, like the Whac-a-Mole game, women were popping up across the United States accusing Clinton of everything from casual sexual encounters to rape and beating, the scant critical coverage was attributed to, according to Hillary Clinton, a “vast Right-wing conspiracy,” headed by one of the few news sources that were actually news sources back then, Rush Limbaugh.  Unlike the Clarence Thomas case, Bill Clinton being a liberal versus a conservative—this is the one crucible of the Left—the mainstream media circled their wagons, protecting their darling. 


And history is repeating itself, although this time we get to see the two ways the mainstream media treats a liberal versus a conservative, not years apart, but in “real time.” On the one hand we have Herman Cain being “exposed” by Politico’s “scoop” that Cain had been accused of sexual harassment, Politico the next day stating that Cain was flip-flopping in his responses to the accusations, and that he was in “damage control” mode, both baseless statements. On the other hand, we have the mainstream media circling the wagons in regard to Obama, specifically the “Green Jobs” scandal, of which Solyndra appears to be only the tip of the iceberg; in which millions—if not billions of dollars were fed to Obama 2008 campaign bundlers; but also more importantly the Fast and Furious scandal. Think about it: Obama and Holder oversaw a program that put thousands of taxpayer-funded assault weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartel members, and then lied about having knowledge of it; that hundreds of Mexican citizens have been murdered with these weapons, and at least one American citizen—Border Patrol agent Brian Terry—and yet the mainstream media, like the Clinton debacle, is still circling the wagons. If the mainstream media hadn’t protected their darling, Clinton would have been viewed as what he was—a sexual predator; obstructing justice; suborning and committing perjury. If the mainstream media weren’t protecting their darling, Obama, Obama and Holder would, frankly, be impeached as accessories to murder for the hundreds of deaths in Mexico, and the murder of Brian Terry.


But as Bob Dylan sang back in the 1960s, the times they are a-changin’. It is interesting that the one thing (I believe) that gave Obama the push to the Presidency in 2008, and quashed all those nasty little doubts the American people were having about him—i.e., his hidden records, his dual citizenship, his unsavory connections with radicals and socialists, etc.—this one thing, the Internet, in the form of his campaign’s YouTube “town hall meetings,” (i.e., orchestrated, complete with casting companies and prepared questions and answers); this YouTube venue which carried him over the top, is the two-headed snake that now bites his heel. There are literally tens of thousands of YouTube videos covering everything from Obama’s Freudian slip about his “Muslim faith,” to the endless anomalies in his long-form birth certificate. These two subjects are not merely marginal; simply taking the highest view counts of two videos adds up to over two million views.  This is only one tenth of one percent of YouTube videos critical of Obama.


But there is much more than YouTube now. Instead of the lone voice of Rush Limbaugh in the ether, we have what is now rivaling (and I think crushing) the mainstream media: grassroots media, primarily where you have what amounts to conservative blogs turned news gatherers and news reporters. Would Solyndra and Fast and Furious be an issue today if it weren’t for The Daily Caller and Human Events? Would we have the hundreds of Obama documents detailing corruption, crony capitalism, and endless illegal activity if it weren’t for Judicial Watch? Would the anomalies in the Obama birth certificate, the irregularities in his Social Security number, the vast suppressing of Obama college, state senate (etc., etc., etc.) records be at the forefront of America’s doubts about Obama were it not for World Net Daily


But let us get back to the lynching of Herman Cain. One of the interesting aspects of the Internet that didn’t have as significant an impact as Obama 2008 campaign’s use of YouTube and mass emails was Twitter. Now Twitter is huge, and I would argue is actually the driving force of news (and, for that matter of attacks). I would call myself a student of Twitter, specifically in regard to the traffic that has occurred after the Fox/Google Republican debate, when Cain’s poll numbers began to skyrocket. Hillary Clinton said (falsely) regarding “Monicagate” that there was a vast Right-wing conspiracy to destroy her husband; but it doesn’t take a genius to decipher that Twitter has been used, in an orchestrated manner, to take down Cain. Observing the Cain traffic by the hour, nay, by the minute, you can see that a certain narrative occurs on cue; that, as quickly as a certain narrative pops up like our Wac-the-Mole game, the game is reset, and a new narrative occurs. These narratives are sometimes downright odd, other times substantive, but always orchestrated. Like the traditional mainstream media’s attack of all conservatives, the narrative began with Herman Cain being stupid and/or crazy, using, as they did with Sarah Palin, some supposed gaff or flip-flop statement. When this didn’t work, and the American public—specifically the Tea Party which has been from the beginning and until now his strongest supporter—didn’t buy this, the narrative was that the Tea Party was supporting Cain to try to cover up the fact that they were racists; that as soon as a viable candidate came upon the scene—a white candidate, that is—Herman Cain would be dropped like a hot potato. Again, the Left seeing that the Tea Party were not going to rein in their support for Cain, the narrative began that Herman Cain was an Uncle Tom; that he was coddling the white Tea Partiers; that he wove his message depending on what he thought the white Tea Partiers wanted to hear. Upon this narrative rearing its head, the Left showed their true racists colors, including the ridiculousness of the white Lawrence O’Donnell lecturing Herman Cain on how he wasn’t black enough; that during the Civil Rights years, he didn’t do enough; or Cornell West’s telling Cain to “get off the symbolic crack pipe.” For a time there was an attack on Cain’s 999 flat tax plan, of which Twitter was abuzz with citing an endless parade of economists and pundits, stating that the American public, especially the poor, would pay more in taxes under the plan. Then there was the narrative that Cain had changed his 999 plan, to a 9-0-9 plan, meaning that the poor would not have to pay taxes under his plan, charging Cain with flip-flopping. Of course, like all other narratives presented in this orchestrated assault, this was baseless. The Twitter “Uncle Tom” narrative (and the subsequent racism) falling on deaf ears, and upon more and more blacks beginning to support Cain, the Left pulled out their secret weapon, the Clarence Thomas-inspired smear campaign. Politico broke their amazingly lame “scoop,” in which they “decided” to not release details, “decided,” to make their story as vague as possible. The “victims,” unnamed, and without any details of the accusation, received “five-figure” settlements?  What are the details of the accusation? What is the background of the women? Did they bother to ask Herman Cain about their “scoop” before publishing the narrative? They then followed this up with their statements that Herman Cain had given “conflicting” responses to the accusations; that his campaign was in “damage control”—both baseless statements. Meanwhile the Left-wing media jumped on the wagon with all their fury, parroting the same. Twitter, on cue, almost to the minute, reflected the mainstream media’s attack of Cain, in this rabid, foaming at the mouth parroting.   


Twenty years ago with Americans getting their news from three major networks (all Left-wing), and one extreme Left-wing source (i.e., “Public” Radio), a Herman Cain, upon being pummeled by the media,  would have quietly slithered away, being pelted to death by the Left; but today with most Americans being sick and tired of the mainstream (lamestream as Sarah Palin calls it) media, contrary to the Left’s predictions, Cain has actually risen in the polls because of this baseless charge. America is sick of the Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow type of “news” programs, even sickening of the “Right-wing” Fox, becoming disenchanted after their hatchet job on Hank Williams, Jr., and their ignoring of the Obama birth certificate and Social Security number issue.  Most Americans are now getting their news from websites outside of the mainstream. Further, a person working part-time out of their home is now part of the new mainstream media—case in point, the “I am the 53%” movement, in contradistinction to the Left’s Occupy Wall Street rabble. Or, even to the extent that a single individual like myself can write an article or produce a video that exposes Obama or supports Cain, that can potentially reach thousands, if not millions. Anyone with a computer can be a part of the new mainstream media, fighting off the lies and deceptions of the Left.


Most Americans are tired of the media telling them what to think; telling them what candidate they are to vote for: Both the Republican party and the Left have been telling the American public for months that Mitt Romney is the only viable candidate. Twenty years ago the American people would have complied. Today, with the mainstream media dying a quick death—I would say fighting in a sort of death throe—the sleeping giant, as Herman Cain says, the “we the people,” has awakened, and aren’t going to take it anymore, and have cut that noose that the Left put around Herman Cain’s neck.  


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