The Liberal distortion of equality.

I have been doing some real thinking on how this nation and it's political parties see liberty. After hearing certain people on this site declaring they believe in it's core values and what the TeaParty is all about, I have come to the conclusion they only seek to discredit our cause. The left is so terrified of us that they have sunk to the level of divisions in society. They know all to well what it means to label a group our a person racist. They have no respect for free speech or the people who truly fight for it. Like when Janeane Garofalo called the TeaPartiers " Racist redkneck tea baggers". How are those words not racist? She doesn't know every TeaPartier personally, she can show no proof of racist bigoted behaviour, she has never actually spent any time talking with anyone in the TeaParty nor has she giving any credible reason for calling them "racist redkneck tea baggers", other then the sole fact they are mostly white. So who is the real racist?

So where is the racism coming from? good question. Let's look at some names being tossed around and there source. "Oreo" was used to label black teapartiers who are trying to keep their freedoms. Why are they being called "oreo's"? because the left is trying to call them traitors for not supporting a black president's agenda. Meaning they are black on the outside but white on the inside. Wow, and we are the racist? Now how about redkneck? that term is used to label dumb uneducated white's who because are uneducated they have to be racist. Interesting, considering the education level within the TeaParty is actually higher then the nation as a whole. Which is why they behave with respect for others and their political and racial background. And "tea baggers", this term can not be used for any other definition then a sexual act of immorality. And all this racist double standard B.S. is coming straight from the left!! Hmm..... it can't be? their for civil liberties and individual freedoms. Right?

Civility has also become a tactic of the left. They describe the TeaParty as behaving in an uncivil protest. Really? And how many buildings or businesses have the TeaParty attacked or vandalized? None. How many credible threats have come from the Teaparty Protest? None. How many civilians have been harmed in the TeaParty protest so far? None. So once again, how is this uncivil? But wait, let's see how civil the protest are coming from the left. How many buildings have the left attacked or vandalized?15. How many threats have been from the left? All. How many civilians have been harmed from the left? All. So this uncivil behaviour seems to only come from the left. With threats to shoot police officers by the left protesters in Arizona. with the threats to attack white Americans with axes and shovels by those calling the TeaParty racist, the left. With white students being unable to wear their nations flag to school because of those on the left. Or how about the black principle up north who told his white students they could not go on his field trip that allowed all blacks. Again from the left!! And where is our President who promised us civility in government? Well, he is from the left. He has done nothing while in office to unite the American people. He has only been able to call the American people uncivil, misguided extremist from the right.

Here is what is going to happen. The left will continue to label the TeaParty "Racist redkneck tea baggers" in every approach because they are unable to find an actual cause to target or discredit us. We will continue to fight for real freedoms and real liberties that the left is so terrified of. And we will still protest with dignity and civility that the left has been unable to proclaim in their speeches, arguements, ideals and laws. So continue your assualt on us because we will neither fall or surrender!! We will not give you our freedoms without a fight!! The rule of law will prevail with real equal justice and real civil liberties!! God Bless all those who oppose tyranny and fight for Liberty!! I love all of you!!

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