The Land of Hope and Change

Obama, (I refuse to call him President Obama) is preaching an America of “shared prosperity”. What he really means is an America of mutual dependency. Obama is not interested in a nation of opportunity and shared success. He wants an America where everyone is equally depressed. He can only achieve his vision by taxing and bleeding the successful and productive and redistributing their blood, sweat and tears to those who will not take care of themselves even when the opportunity to do so is available. He sees the welfare recipients as mistreated and maligned and in need of a government nanny. In truth, most, not all, but many, are perfectly happy with living off of another’s hard work. They feel a sense of entitlement unheard of in early America. There have always been underprivileged people.

They are the victims of misfortune or they may be poor by choice. Poor by choice? Yes. There are those who would rather survive by accepting meager handouts than actually work to improve their lot in life. These same people have supported the likes of Obama simply because he promises more goodies with no means testing as to real need. Obama wants to expand the rolls of dependency and entitlements. He wants everyone, except the elite, to be equally poor and disenfranchised. Unfortunately, Mr. Romney is not really “much” better. The Republicans are as out of touch with mainstream America as the Democrats. Neither party gives a rat’s behind about the taxpayers except at election time. Romney the RINO, is no exception. I have often said that the only real difference between the two political parties is who they wish me to give my money to. The Democrats want to give it to the lazy, unproductive drones of society, and the Republicans want it to go to their rich supporters and friends. The common theme here is take my money and give it to someone of THEIR choice. I am to have little or no say in where it goes or how much is “enough”. I have had it with politicians and their sycophants. They are Hell bound and determined to turn the whole world into their own personal fiefdom with all the rest of us slaving away to support their lifestyle of luxury and sloth. Oh they will fill the worlds board rooms and discuss weighty sociopolitical problems, but down at the bottom, the only real issue is how to maintain the status quo. I for one do not like the idea of being a “step and fetch it” for the worlds wealthy and elitists. They are no better than anyone else. Many have had their fortunes handed to them by way of inheritance. Many have never had to work for their life of ease and plenty. Those who have actually worked their way to the top tend to be less supportive of class distinctions than the heirs, but they will still rabidly throw the rest of us under the bus to keep what they have and if possible acquire even more … at our expense of course. There would seem to be no way out of our predicament short of a revolution like France had. Do away with everyone that even looks or talks like a politician and start over. Unfortunately, stupidity seems to repeat itself. Human nature being what it is, we would probably just elect another batch of equally distasteful overlords. They probably would even be worse, if that is possible. I don’t see much hope for a people who won’t stand up for their God-given rights. We really do ask for what we get. There is always some despot ready and willing to promise us anything in return for our abject slavery to the powers that be. Unless typical Americans grow a backbone, I don’t see much hope.

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  • We have allowed this to happen to us.We have allowed the atheist and the homosexauls to come forth to rule over us.We have allowed God to be removed from our lives our homes our churchies and our government and last but not least our Nation.We have allowed these villins to use our own constitution on us to bring us down to the pits of their hell.They slide their corruption in on us and we just sat there and allowed it to happen.We made excuses by saying "As long as it dont bother me and my family"I have made such statements myself.Almight God has withdrawn his blessing from America.He is allowing us to govern ourselves without his help.Where are we headed now?Down to the pits of Satan.


  • The problem America faces is not political. It is spiritual. The old saw that he who stands for nothing, will fall for anything, has once again been proven true. If we do not get on our knees and ask God's forgiveness and mercy, we can kiss America goodby now.  If we haven't grounded our children in God's idea of freedom and responsibility, America is gone already. God is the only vaccine against tyranny...but He requires obedience! 

  • IF ... you want to see where Barack Obama is leading America ...... just take a look at the Democrat Socialist / Progressive  "Great Experiment" in Socialism that they have been conducting for the past 50 years.

    Take a look at what the Entitlement Socialism (sharing the wealth) has done FOR and TO the Black American community and to the Black American Family.  To do this, just get in your car and take a drive through a few typical Black American neighborhoods in your city, town or area.

    And look up some statistics :

    1.  70 % of black children today are born out of wedlock or to single moms

    2.  Only 30 % of black families are two parent families ( fresh out of real slavery it was more than 85 %)

    3.  Economic depression,  substandard housing and living conditions, lack of transportation, no jobs

    4.  No hope of a better future.  Trapped in a welfare entitlement system. 

    5.  Look at the failed education of the children.  The drop out rate.  The lack of interest.

    6.  The "Victim" mentality.  They have been taught and believe that "They Can't Do It by themselves" They MUST have help (from government handouts and entitlements).   When their true and only HOPE of escape from this hell of entitlement poverty lies in the private sector jobs, and free market capitallism.

    7. See gangs of black youth wandering aimlessly with nothing to do.   Joining gangs,  doing drugs, or committing crime.   Or incarcerated.

    THEN ..... ASK  YOURSELF .....


    My Fellow American citizen and patriot ...... WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET !!

    What little I have said, and much much more ...... IS the Socialism that Obama is Selling and trying to lead this country into.  !!

    The Question :   Will YOU go quietly ?    Will you continue to sit and to nothing, stay uninvolved , and be content to just live and  Vote now and then ?

    My friend ..... That plan IS NOT WORKING ANYMORE ..... if it ever did !


  • o. k.

  • Agree with everything said and thats rare for me I usually disagree with everyone,got a funny way of thinking for myself,ultimately we need to do away with the puppetmasters that  have controled so many past presidents,and take them to court for TREASON, MURDER,YES MURDER OF OUR CHILDREN WHO HAVE DIED IN ALL THESE WARS SO THAT BIG BANK & BIG OIL COULD MAKE A BUCK!!!!!!!

  • There is hope,..His name is Ryan,..After his 2nd re-election(7 time winner),the democrat's stopped voting against him and started voting for him,..Why?,..Because he is middle class,..Clinton,Bush Jr.,and now the phony-in-charge,seem to have forgotten what made this country great,..the working men and women who put in 40-60 hr work weeks, sweat,and w/pride,..I am sooooo Freakin' tired of those whine'rs,i am going to start my own non-profit home inspection business,just to piss in their weird breakfast coffee drink,

  • Great post, GT.

    I don't call obama the president either and I never capitalize his name.

    I personally think obama is a cruse on America and I pray that G-d removes the curse in November.

  • Approved?

  • Hmmmm.... I don't see the Republicans that way.  I sure don't see Romney and Ryan that way.  And when you think about the batch the TEA party helped put in, I think we are on the right track.  My 66 years on this planet as had it's ups and downs, like most I guess.  I didn't think I could get more down when Bill Clinton got elected president, but I was wrong.  After the Obama got elected, I got to know what it meant by 'the pits.'  Now, as I see it, things are looking up.  I mean I am excited.  If When Romney/Ryan are elected, it is going to be exciting times for sure.  I can't wait to through money at them.  I need more bumper stickers!  

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