The Killing of a Nation!!!!!

Look to History. And you will find that almost every great empire and nation that fell aside from war, happened because of  Moral decay. Those Nations peoples turned to Sodomy and Homosexuality. Corruptions, Lying, Greed and thievery. And now look at our Nation. Take a good hard look. We no longer have a Constitutional Government. We have an Executive branch that is clueless, And lies at every turn. A branch that trys to make its own laws when ever its conveneit. And ignores other laws when they are not of their choosing. A Congress or law making branch thats just a lip service for the executive branch. With no guts or back bone of its own. People who are so concerned with hanging on to their jobs that they are willing to sell their souls to keep them. And the corrupt power that goes with them. With no concern for the people,there rights, or freedoms. And now a Judicial Branch that no longer adheres to our Constitution or Gods laws. But just make up new ones so a small minority of perverted sinners can feel good about themselves. No we have no reasonable Goverment left. We anarchy. The Supreme Court in one swift Un-Holy and disasterous moment of 5 Ignorant Jusices have openned Pandora's box. The ramifications and unintended consequences of their collective stupidity will forever haunt and bring down this Nation. Now instead of just Gay marriage we will see an onslaught of Sodomy. Immediate family members wanting to marry. People wanting to marry animals, adults wanting to marry children, etc. And now because of this ruling the courts can't tell the others no. Because now we have no Moral standard to base anything on. And the Homosexual movement will now deliberately see out Churches and Pastors that they can get to refuse their marriages so they can claim fowl. And either get their tax exempt status's taken away or declare discrimination and hate speech. The only way such a perversion of Homosexuality and Sodomy can feel good about its sinful life, Is to totally silence the Church, Religion, and the Pulpit. So that they can call the lifestyles normal and natural. So in coming up with their Court decision those Justices have not only circumvented God and the Bible, But also our own Constitution. Which declares Freedom of Speech and Religion. Here just like with abortion. Abortion the premeditated murder of human life. Just because the vast number of men and women, mostly young feel no accountability or responsibility for their own sinful actions that led to an unwanted pregancy. So lets call it a health issue for women and to make these sinners feel ok about their collective abortions we will make it legal to murder babies. These is the same crazy, totally ludicrious thinking the Supreme Court is once again using here with Gay Marriage. We don't want anyone to feel bad about themselves or their sins or be offended. So lets give them what they want. We can offend God, And every living Christian or God fearing person. Or anyone else who believes in a right and true life. But how dare we offend these sinful, sick, selfish, minorities who want to corrupt us all. The Constitution explicitly says any power that isn't definely granted to the Federal Govt. goes to the States and the People. What part of this does the Scotus not understand. Or that God's laws are above all other laws and man. It figures we have a President who thinks hes a Messiah, Why not some Justices to. At this point anything the Scotus does won't matter. That have in whole taken away any direction, authority, or respect that they once had. Its the peoples time in this moment in History. And only the people themselves and their collective wills, faith,unity, and power can reverse all this tragedy. Its now or never people. To stand up and let your vioces be heard. And to be accountable to God, Family, and Country. 

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