Op-Ed by: Rev James M Wesley Jr @ Saturday 22 November 2014, 6:55 PM

You know sometimes we must ask ourselves...when did this JUDICIAL TERMINAL DOMINO EFFECT BEGIN?...What was the chink in the ARMOR OF SEPARATION OF POWERS? How did this criminal executive blast it's way through EVERY CONSTITUTIONAL FIREWALL? It began with the FEDERAL COURTS ALL THE WAY UP TO THE SCOTUS. A little here and little there... ALL THE WAY TO OBAMA CARE!!! Gay marriage and the horror of late term abortions, homosexuals in the military. An obviously corrupt Justice Department refusing to enforce our laws because of treasonous political agenda...A hamstrung Congress led by criminals...with RIINOS in the House of Representative...WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE??The people are watching these things unfold in the media then again maybe not...why? The mainstream media is caught up in a shameless "CONFLICT OF INTEREST" running interference for this Administration...though not perfect there is a lone voice in the media still standing FOX NEWS...and a million spots of light on the internet "THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA"...The people are not stupid. Those who want to know can find out. Where did it start? The answer is Judaical overreach an impeachable offense...I hope this Republican tidal wave during this past election will produce a legislative body that will respect this overwhelming mandate of the People. The power to bring charges against the sitting Justices of SCOTUS and Federal District Court ..ON THE BASIS OF VOTER NULLIFICATION....NOT ONLY IMPEACH BUT is in the CONSTITUTION They don't have a  "FREE LIFETIME PASS" TO TRAMPLE THE WISHES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE...HEY!!  Newly elected REPUBLICANS! Hear that? Not just BARRY SOROTO aka BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, but the SUPREME COURT which EMPOWERED him starting with the CHIEF JUSTICE....OBAMA WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN OUT OF THE GATE WITHOUT "THEIR (his) ENDORSEMENT AND COOPERATION"...

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