By: Juan Reynoso, WTP-activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

The IMF admits neoliberalism fuels concentration of wealth and poverty.

Fellow Americans, our revolution is to repudiate this corrupt Washington establishment and reclaim our unalienable rights. The fact is; that for many years our country is being run by the Transnational corporation, the Bankers, the IMF, the U.S Federal Reserve Banks and the special interest. They are part of this network that in collusion with the Washington politicians formed the Washington establishment. The Washington establishment objective is to pass legislation that will promote and establish the economic and political ideology of the new world order. All the free trade agreements, the promotion of neo-liberalism and the neo-colonization and the military interventions in foreign countries are part of the agenda to demise the sovereignty of the United States and other countries, and form economic blocks that will be under the control of the world’s oligarchs that control the multinational corporations, the IMF, the world Bank. The WTO and many other organizations that are connected to this network of corrupt elements that are driven by the love of money and power.

Protest and civil disobedience it is not going to fix the economic mess created by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. We the people can change this path of self-destruction and eradicate forever the Neo-liberalism policies that destroyed millions of lives, not only in America but the world over. We are also to be blame for the implementation and the 30 years of neo-liberalism in our country.

The true is that we can’t not trust in our government agencies, our politicians or the corporate news media, they are the establishment; the network of corruption that created this mess by lying and deceiving us.

Today we have a new President, we the people has shown the world the power of the people to change the path of evil, corruption and betrayal; we elected Donald Trump because we are fed-up with this corrupt establishment. It is clear that we have win our first battle against this corrupt establishment, the war against government and corporate corruption will continue until we the people take our country back and reclaim our constitutional republic and our democracy; we must never forget that our country is base in moral values and we are a country by the people and for the people. This institution that we call our government has only one responsibility; to stand and defend our U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, our God given rights, our freedom, our liberty and our economic and welfare.

The war against this corrupt establishment will continue, we must purge the congress and the senate and get the career politicians out and replace them with statesmen that care about we the people.

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