The Image of God

As I prepare for my 86th year on Earth—my New Year’s resolutions: loose weight, exercise more, learn about the right foods to eat—I happened to find a note on my desk. I don’t know how it got there. It was a note my daughter Holly wrote to me several years back.


“To think about what it was like to be a happy child,” the note read, "I remember playing in the playhouse you built. I remember, especially, too, the flower garden, the large blue flowers against the house, and the patio you built. I also remember when you helped me learn to ride a bicycle.  I remember it wasn’t easy for me.”


“I think about how lucky I was to have parents who cared about me. I was a happy child. I really was. I loved playing in the trees, riding horses, coloring. Thank you, Dad.”


My daughter Shelley sent me a collage I treasure—photos taken when my girls were young children, captioned, “What Makes a Great Father.” Under the photos, “Comforting,” “Nuturing,” “Loving,” “Playing.”


In spite of my memory, the rulers of Iran look at the United States and Americans as the “Great Satin.”  Islam and Christianity have been at war since the Christian Crusades. They say all is fair in love and war. 


Do say! President Obama is a Christian when he’s talking to Christians and a Muslim when he’s talking to Muslims.  I guess I don’t know  what love is about.  I just thought I did.


Did man make a mistake when he created God or did God make a mistake when he created man. It’s when people in power get the notion that they represent God, and make laws that support that notion—the law of might makes right—everyone  doing his best to be the mightiest, that we go to war. God is on the side of the mightiest.


We know about how fair war is. What about love?  Does God or man give us a right to good health care?  I loved my girls. I worked so they could have good health care. Does President love us when he “gives” us health care?  No, it is not fair to say he gives us all good health care. He doesn’t work so we can all have good health care.  And in any case, God doesn’t give us good health care.


What God gives us is inalienable rights, rights that can’t be taken or transferred.  What President Obama “gives” us is redistribution of the nation’s wealth, in the interest of what he figures is fair, taking the inalienable rights from working people and redistributing them.  It that love?  I don’t think so.  For the good of all is not love.  It’s a manmade construction.  A construction is not natural law, God’s law, or any kind of law.  In America, the law replaces the divine ruler.  President Obama says he has a problem with that idea. He wants to transform America—from what to what?  I guess I don’t know what love is about.


Obama so loves the world that he wants to do what is for the good of all, in a word, give us Socialism.  He wants to replace God-given rights with government entitlements.  In other words, for the good of all the individual has no God-given right to life, liberty, or property.  The same idea is in place in Iran.  My idea of love is other people’s idea of Satin.   It goes with the idea of all is fair in love and war. Look around and see how well man treats you under Obama’s idea of love.  It is essential that you make a distinction between God-given rights and government entitlement.  It the latter case, you give up your love of God; you turn your life over to government, to do with you—and your children—what it will.  



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