The House According To Ryan

It would seem that the wolf is shedding its sheepish skin as Ryan puts forth conditions (ultimatums?) if he's going to accept the Speakership.  But these conditions that changes House standards seem to be aimed exclusively at the House Freedom Caucus, the conservative group in the HoR that have been creditted (or blaimed) for John Boehner's early retirement from Congress altogether.  Imo, his retirement didn't come early enough.

So, Rep. Paul Ryan said that he'd run for the Speakership - IF the entire GOP conference unites behind him.  He wants the "entire" conference to blindly follow his lead - w/ out challenge?  It sounds just like the way Barack Obama has been running things for the past six-plus years so far.  Is Ryan demanding OBEDIENCE from the GOP?  Isn't that exactly what the GOP members,.including those in the Senate, mind you... have given Obama, Pelosi and Reid since 2011?

The reason, and the very intentions behind the Framers having established three co-equal Branches of the federal government was so that no one person, or entity, would have full control; or autonomy.  And safeguards were/are included w/ the inclusion of Article V of the US Constitution, and the ratification of the 1st, 2nd, and 10th Amendments - which were added so that the sovereign States, and their residents, had the LEGAL tools to protect and defend themselves from any enemies, or adversaries, of the Constitution - foreign or even domestic.  And, the way I see it, our domestic adversaries have given uncontested and unconditional entry to illegal aliens coming from nations and/or regions that have shown to be hostile to America to say  the least.  

Have we not surrendered enough already?  Is not dissension a form of expression and protest - which is very much protected by the Constitution?  I am weary of those that say we must walk in lockstep w/ each other - regardless of party affiliation. Imo, Ryan is demanding utopian House.  He seems to want things to be easy to do.  If it's too hard for him to handle, then he should stay out. If Rep. Paul Ryan actually believes that by getting the entire House behind him will appease the American people, and make them obediently silent when the House continues to cave in to the democrats' every demand (and they will), then Ryan is as delusional as the rest of his squishy/moderate GOP colleagues.  And that would make him no different than Boehner or McConnell. Big surprise.  

What good is it to change one's mask if they all share the same soiled underwear?

“I don’t think anybody would be above what we think are the minimum standards necessary for speaker,”, said Rep. John Fleming, one of the founders of The Freedom Caucus.
  Walking in lockstep is exactly what I am completely FED UP with!  


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