By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

The hope and the future of our country is the youth of our country.

The problem we are facing today is due to the ramification of the Washington politicians policies, regarding the economics of this country. Washington demise the opportunity of Americans to work and be self-sufficient. Ronald Reagan passed legislations that start the free trade agenda that destroy millions of Americans factories and deprived Americans of the opportunity to work and earn a living in America. Americans are in complete denial of the harm done to this country the free trade agenda and globalization. Millions of jobs lost, trillions of Dollars in trade deficits, the making of the welfare state, the increased of poverty in America, the making of millions of dysfunctional homes, the loss of family values, the increase of crime, the increase of government corruption and the coming demise of our country as we know it. The love of money and power is the evil that destroyed this beautiful country. We become a country without values and morality, the only thing that matters is what we want and most of us are willing to do anything to get it; we have become a country without moral leadership and authority, where police officers justified their criminal activities by saying; "The President violated the law, so I can do it to" It is a great shame that most of us become ostriches that buried our head in the sand and ignored everything that is taken place in our country, that is destroying our beloved country.

Fellow Americans, we must wake-up before is too late. The hope and the future of our country is the youth of our country, we must do our very best in educating our children’s and teach them, Our US Constitution, Character and moral values, love for our country and our heritage and Christian principles. We must recruit millions of our youth educate them and help them to take part on our political arena, we need to build a new political body, statesman that believe in our country and want to be in government not to get rich at the expenses of the people; but to represent the people and work to make America the country that used to be. The future depends of us and not one else, we can not depend in our government or trust on this government they are corrupt, from the core out. God is in our side we will take our country back and re-store our character, moral and Christian principles.

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