The Hijacking of America

This was in the first paragraph in the last email I received from Tea Party:

"Starter talents like John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney, Van Hipp, Dr. Jerry Corsi, Lt. Col. Allen B. West, Newt Gingrich"

It's official. Tea Party is being Hijacked! This grass roots movement to return to the principles of our Founding Fathers might as well be titled "Republican Party" or "Democratic Party"! This is not what Tea Party represents to me.

As Americans, we have allowed the political machine to grow out of proportion. We have become apathetic. impassive, indifferent! We're past complacency and are willing to not only listen to but to believe these would be despots who are not satisfied with the run they have had. They are playing to your fears and concerns. Notice there used to never be any reference to the Republican party in their writings, now they are tentatively arising. This is because their efforts here are subversive and Machiavellian. It's the same old story of the tail wagging the dog with the Republicans pointing at the Democrats this time. Our country is in trouble and we want it back and the politicians see this Tea Party and figure it's a great opportunity to rail against the other side, trying to spotlight them as the cause of our woes. Well they're half right! Had this party started 4 years ago, we'd be reading about the wonders of Dianne Feinstein or Obama with their own talk about change and taking back our country.

What we have here is a group comprised of two segments. They infect our government, continually perverting our perceptions and instilling fear with themselves painted as our salvation, the only balance against the other side. Focusing on popular passions, they hide behind closed doors and plot on how to squeeze out more money and power for themselves and the federal government. In the mean time, our children are educated to be good little sheep, believing the Constitution to be a relic in the face of a world wide economy. They have exploited our greed and manipulated our vocational skill levels to that of a third world country as Americans no longer have the innovative skills or incentives to keep us as a manufacturing giant with China's cheap products or agriculturally diverse with automated mega-farms sucking dry the vast underground watershed of the Midwest, replacing it with chemically enhanced runoff. All the while they ignore the national debt and while America lives on credit, they line their coffers along the way. The problem with becoming a nation of consumers is we need the consumables we can no longer provide for ourselves. This leaves us vulnerable to those who provide them to us and the kind of desperation these politicians use against us. Imagine if China were to decide to cut us off! Everything from toys for our kids to heavy construction equipment would either be totally unavailable or quadrupled in price. China likes our money but the arrogance of our representatives continually annoys them with efforts to impose our ideals onto them. It isn't hard to imagine this totalitarian government with their vast untapped natural resources, absorbing the impact on their people as they plunge us into depression. With millions of our citizens living in sardine cans, things like growing vegetables, raising animals for food, trading services and bartering will not be an option. Despite what folks like John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney, Van Hipp, Dr. Jerry Corsi, Lt. Col. Allen B. West, Newt Gingrich or Obama would say, America is not the mighty world power she once was.

Tea Party has the attention of enough Americans to provide a platform for unity without the disingenuous involvement of career politicians. Don't believe the lie that running government requires experience in politics or the law degree most of them possess. Honor, integrity, patriotism and common sense are all one needs if the rest of the sharks are ejected from the pool. We are being drained by social programs directed at the vast pool of voters who feel America owes them a living. Following like sheep we allow ourselves to be distracted as America's viability diminishes to the point we will have no choice but to face anarchy or give up our Constitution.

I want my country back. For well over 300 years my family has fought to build it along with countless other patriotic Americans. The lazy days of complacency have weakened us. The influence on our schools has minimized the teaching of American history, the revolution and the civil war. Did you know that the Star Spangled Banner, our National Anthem actually has 4 verses? That the civil war was fought because the federal government decided to take property worth vast sums of money belonging to American citizens with no compensation? All this downplaying of our roots is meant to desensitize us from any passion for the true principals America was created with and founded on because these passions are obstructions of their efforts to gain wealth and power over us. We are viewed as a resource and no longer respected as sovereigns. They are parasites and every vote for any one of them only serves to perpetuate the decline of our way of life. We have to pull up our pants, stretch out and have confidence in ourselves. We have a pivotal choice to make on the approaching crossroads. We can believe the same old lies told to us by these despots or we can seek representation from individuals who would rather be home with their friends, businesses and lives. The kind of people we can relate to and who are unspoiled by the corrupting allure of power.

January 2010
We must use caution and critical thinking when reading what is written here and exuded by tea party advocates.
What I mean by this is there seems to be a distinct Republican undertone in much of what I have read here and neither Republicans nor Democrats can be trusted. The reason for Tea Party is America has lost her way. This venue notwithstanding, she has succumbed to complacency and apathy in the attitudes of her Sovereign Citizens. She has lost her way because the political oath of office is not taken seriously and infractions go unpunished by Congress and the Senate. When it seems like they are? It is always politically motivated as demonstrated by the same sharp line down the center of isle that appears in virtually every house vote. In fact, to Preserve and Defend the Constitution should be the main reason any individual try's their hand in politics. Selfishness and greed have created the "Career Politician". These individuals propose to serve us but in reality they serve their benefactors, themselves and their party. Far detached from the reality of American life, they live in ivory towers, pampered, indulged and insured at our expense. What happened? The original politicians were land owners and business owners who left their farms and homes to serve for a short time, then returning to their private lives. Now they are nothing more than actors. Exuding charismatic smiles and appealing rhetoric, never intending to live up to their promises. The worst part is? We not only let it happen, we made it happen! Tea Party can easily be usurped by whichever party is not in power simply by touting the disingenuous practices and failed promises of the other. Republicans like Sarah Palin have no business associating themselves with a grass roots movement to reclaim our country because she is no better than Obama. She simply professes to fundamental ideals we all yearn for. She is still a career politician!

The two party system has evolved into a self serving partnership between the two party's, bought and paid for by the big corporations. Each blames the other for the ills of this country, while the same deceptive and Machiavellian practices of gaining power over us and running this country as "Leaders" and Law Makers" instead of representatives both tempts and motivates them. In our name they are selling the farm under our very noses as we move toward an oppressive world government. America is now living on credit from the World Bank and our debt continues to grow geometrically instead of being paid down. Neither the Sates, local governments nor individuals can do this without eventually loosing everything. What makes us believe America can? Americans believe the lies and through our votes, allow this irresponsible practice and worse, accept it. This is being done in our name by the Federal government and there is only one form of collateral capable of securing this massive debt we can barely pay the interest on. This very land itself, yours and mine! The amount we owe has grown so large it is beyond the comprehension of most people. We dismiss its significance and its importance for just that reason. We cannot allow this debt to continue to grow. If that happens, the Constitution will become just a piece of parchment. A curious relic in some museum for a failed American experiment, right along with every single right we still rightfully possess. It is not too late but if we continue to bury our heads in the sand, it soon shall be.

Somewhere in the early to middle 1900's, Federal authority grew far beyond healthy limits. Presidential authority has reached a frightening level. We've been in numerous armed conflicts since Korea without a single Congressional declaration of war. The president alone holds the power to launch an unprovoked nuclear attack as an individual. He can mobilize countless troops unchallenged. He can render any right unconstitutional with the stroke of a pen. He appoints judges to S.C.O.T.U.S. based on political agenda rather than Constitutional preservation, the same basis under which, they are confirmed. Lobbyists are allowed to influence Senators and Congressmen with money unchallenged as many lobbyists are ex Congressmen, hired by large corporations. These corporations control the media thanks to Bill Clinton and now it is all but impossible to get any message out which, isn't in line with their interests like imposing term limits or limiting political contributions or transparency in government. Secrecy, back room deals, unrelated riders attached to wordy and complex bills, miss-direction and fear mongering are all used to bolster federal authority over us, pay off contributors and cloud the minds of the average citizen, while federal authority dictates what our children are taught in schools. Our children no longer have clear awareness of what civic responsibility is or critical thinking skills. We have become so dependent and beholding to the federal government, it's true reason for existing has been lost in history, replaced with an overwhelming complexity and warped perception of its purpose and authority. This has to stop! We The People have the power to make it happen if we can make enough citizens aware of this looming disaster and convince them to take part.

To retake our country, we must eliminate the career politician from American Politics. We must eliminate our national debt and we must embrace the fact we are all Kings of America. We are the only country in history where the people have the authority to rule themselves and their government. The Federal government was enacted solely to provide for the common defense of the union and ensure harmony and equality between the states through SPECIFIC limited powers. These powers were limited as a safeguard against a government becoming so powerful as to be capable of oppressing us. We have already lost that advantage. We can be subjugated with a stroke of a pen and our rights suspended with no due process. The reason for the Bill of Rights was not to give us rights but to preserve the rights we had already won for ourselves with the blood of our citizens. Rights which define us as sovereign rulers. A right is defined as needing no ones permission. Now we have created so many laws that most rights actually require permission, all under the guise of public safety. A term which is now generic and can be applied quite broadly. One element of a free society is something we seem to have forgotten as a culture. Because we will have to face the consequences, we have the right to commit a crime. That is the responsibility of freedom and the cost of liberty. We have hundreds of thousands of laws designed to prevent us from being in the position to make a free choice. In California we cannot buy cold medication freely because me might make meth amphetamine. We cannot own a 50 caliber B.M.G. because we might shoot at an airplane. These kind of laws sacrifice freedom for the sake of security and as Ben Franklin said, those who would do so? Deserve neither! They do not because that attitude is not the American way. It can be argued some of these laws make common sense but I believe this is a slippery slope which in the long run, leads to oppression. Freedom is neither safe nor easy but it is worth the risk. The Tea Party and others like it hold the promise of change. A promise made often during the last election. We long for it but for different reasons. Most selfishly relate change to their passions like gay rights, economics or gun control but these and issues like them are used by politicians to distract us from the hijacking of America.

We must keep our eyes, ears and minds open. Question the motives behind everything said from atop a soap box. Popular phrases and playing to passions are tools of the career politicians trade. Look at this supposed health care plan. A perfect example of politicians using our fears and concerns to further benefit themselves and the insurance corporations. Heavily lobbied by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, it subsidizes them and ensures these corporations will have an endless pool of money and indentured "customers" with which to grow even stronger. How is it a citizen of Taiwan can walk into a medical office and get a C.A.T. scan in half an hour without paying a dime through a health system which amounts to less than 2 percent of that country's GNP? The term Pre-Existing Condition does not apply there. Prescriptions, doctor visits, prenatal care etc. These are all free of cost! How can they do that when we cannot even come close? Simple. Because their policy decisions were not made by the highest bidder.

We must understand, not only is the system we have not working in our best interests but those who control it will never change it. The Tea Party can. IF enough of us work together for real change. We must all shout it from the rooftops for history has shown us every civilization has come and gone for the same reasons. People have gone from bondage to liberty. From liberty to complacency. From complacency to apathy and from apathy back to bondage. America seems to be in the last stages of this. We must learn from history or we shall be destined to repeat it. We as Americans seem to feel we are owed our lifestyle and standard of living but we do not. It is such as it is through the sacrifice, hard work and innovation of previous generations. They earned it, we did not. If we hope to keep it, we must earn it as well so you do your part, I'll do mine and together perhaps we can convince enough Americans to do theirs as well.
Thank you.

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  • Sir,
    It is with appreciation I read your response to my comments. You seem to be a true patriot and your broad focus shows the effort to take into account the myriad of complexities which, obscure the recognition of the Machiavellian practices responsible for America's current sorry state of affairs. Your suggested Oath of Office seems to take into account the gray areas in the interpretation of our Constitution. These gray areas have allowed those we have trusted to preserve the intent of the first constitutional congress to forsake us and profit from its degradation. My thoughts may seem a bit Utopian and naive as the foundation for these ideals depends on the honor of men as well as the vigilance of the citizenry over our elected representatives. As president Lincoln observed, we cannot please everyone. Personal passions and perceptions along with the way they vary from person to person and geographic location, seem to foster confusion, conflict and distraction from the sense of civic responsibility we all have for "The Big Picture". So many Americans seem to have lost their sense of liberty and the understanding of the fundamental difference between America and the rest of the world. The New World Order is evolving and growing. America's ability to be self sufficient seems to be gone and we are in danger of loosing our freedom and liberty as a direct result. America is at a very critical stage in our own evolution. If we do not stop focusing on selfish passion, our evolution will culminate in the same sad end as so many civilizations. Extinction! This cannot be allowed to happen. We cannot allow it. So I say to all of you. Stay involved. Stay aware. Make your voice heard by your elected representatives and vote accordingly. It requires maintenance and attention. Too many do nothing beyond reading through voter pamphlets and many do not even do that. So talk with your friends, family and co workers. Help them see their responsibility or help them feel the shame of complacency.
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