The Handwriting on the Wall

I know change from personal experience. At first, the idea of change was terribly frightening. I was forced to change, but the orthodoxy remained fixed, exactly like it is in Egypt right now.

I was confronted with many hurdles. With determination, though, I got on my path of destiny. In the end, all of my dreams came true. And so it will be in our world.

     From its study of the microcosmic, quantum physics “sees” in the microcosmic, a world that is not yet real, a dimension of infinite possibility.  Through this infinitesimal, nanosecond world, not directly seen, but seen by smashing atoms, we expand our awareness. More than matter, interacting with matter, by knowing how it all comes together, and imagination, we are going to soon take a giant step forward. By the people's will, things will happen you cannot now believe.

It takes a crises like the one we are experiencing to jar the world into action. It is a pity that the people of Israel can't read the handwriting on the wall. Israel can either be annihilated or lead to tomorrow’s world. A Jewish state is a bone of contention that dates back thousands of years. The hue and cry in Egypt is for democracy.  It should be the hue and cry in Israel to do away with the Jewish state.  

Never let a crises go to waste. A full blown world crises is growing by leaps and bounds, and the leaders of the United States do not have the foggiest notion of what is taking place. The revolution is the people demanding change. It is a matter of time before the people in America are going to be on the street like the Egyptians.

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  • The "Jewish State" and the "Muslim State" are biblical enemies. The modern equivalent is Capitalism and Socialism. This is all now, at a stepped-up pace, playing itself out. There is no stopping it. It is the handwriting on the wall.  

    Necessity is the mother of invention. In the end there will be one God. Capitalism and Socialism will be replaced with Entrepreneurism.

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