The Guilt Trip

President Obama, a charming man—you can’t help but like him—he says America’s Constitution is flawed and our liberties negative. Notwithstanding the day by day blows to Obama’s presidency, Obama’s minister for twenty years, Reverend Wright, “God damned” America. Obama doesn’t hold American values. Obama, who goes about the world apologizing for America, the world’s single-most exploiting imperialist nation (Obama’s term for capitalist nation), this jolly green giant, who humbles himself before tyrants, wants world-wide redistribution of the wealth. Ah yes, this one-worlder is pushing the guilt trip for all he’s worth.

The immature, to get their way, try to make others feel guilty. Obama’s following, people desperate to do right, and easily impressed, who depend on external factors, such as government help, Piscean in nature, we read, on their way out, Aquarians, whose sign is the water-bearer (“in earth as it is in heaven” [Mt. 6:10]), on their way in, “the new message of Jesus: not the kingdom, but personal discipleship,” we read in The Scofield Study Bible, welcome to the Age of Aquarius. “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Mt 12:28).

On the other hand, let it be known that Obama is here to help those who are down and out because they have been given a raw deal in life. As far back as history goes, people have been given raw deals. Everyone feels that at one time or another, he has been given a raw deal. More than once, I’ve been given a raw deal. For one, the IRS put me on the street by mistake.

When I was a child, sermons always made me feel that God was looking down on me with a frown on his face. I was on a guilt trip until I looked within. When I listen to Obama’s support, I hear what a bad American I am. Obama’s support, people like Minister Farrakhan, and the Black Panthers, let it be known that Iran’s President Ahmabenijad, in his recent visit to the U.S., visited with Farrakan and the Black Panthers. Ahmabenijad says the United States orchestrated the 9-11 attack. He claims the Holocaust never happened. God created me with reason. I’m not bad; Obama and his following are bad.

But Obama’s support is right, they say, and for this reason, I heard the Black Panthers say: Black Panthers have clubs at the voting place to see that my kind of people don’t abuse their rights. Obama’s attorney general dismissed the charges. In this vein of thought, I hear that a million young people are going to be hired by the Obama folks—at the same time, to help the economy—paid $15,000 per year, by the taxpayers of course, they will be among us to see that bad people like me treat Obama’s following right.

With Black Panther mentality, friends of Obama, they advocate “kill cracker babies,” one of the club carrying screamed on a megaphone, and believing people are simple Simons who need to be manipulated, Obama and following are out to transform the American people into their notion of what we ought to be, which happens, coincidentally, to be the exactly the same as the hippies of the 1960s wanted. Being as I’m a bad person, best for all concerned to simply eliminate me and a lot more like me with set minds and too old to be productive. The burden of people like me to the taxpayers is unfair. No, it was not a holocaust in Germany, it was simply a matter of practicality. Ahmabenijad is right. What is a few million human lives? Get up to speed, folks, we get from the friends of Obama. The world is overpopulated.

For my 85th birthday on September 17, I received from my wife The Scofield Study Bible and The 5000 Year Leap. I’ve read “The Gospel According to St. Matthew.” In my reading nothing made me feel guilty. After the reading, I felt uplifted. I felt like a good person. I think we could all do well to read the Gospel According to St. Matthew.

I’ve started reading The 5000 Year Leap. The title speaks to America’s leap, beginning in 1607 in Jamestown, to the present. America began with no more than the people at the beginning of civilization, except for thousands of years of experience. Should we Americans feel guilty about our great success as a nation? Too bad if you are not individually a success, but why, pray tell me, should we all be failures? That’s what Obama’s redistribution says. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor is the same as killing the goose that laid golden eggs. How many of the poor do you know who provide jobs? This is no time to be raising taxes on the rich.

I’ve underlined some thoughts in A Miracle That Changed the World, The 5000 Year Leap.

“Problems are always solved by issuing more edicts or laws, setting up more bureaus, harassing the people with more regulators, and charging the people for these ‘services’ by continually adding to their burden of taxes.”

“The laws by which they were governed were considered natural laws given by divine dispensation, and were so well known by the people they did not have to be written down.” Ha! I’m reminded that in the Introduction of my Scofield Study Bible, “The Dispensations are distinguished, exhibiting the majestic, progressive order of the divine dealings of God with humanity, ‘the increasing purpose’ which runs through and links together the ages, from the beginning of the life of man to the end in eternity. Augustine said: ‘Distinguish the ages, and the Scriptures harmonize.”

The progressive order, the diametric opposite of progressive government, gives the individual increasing purpose. What does Obama know, who speaks of “collective salvation.” What does the all-knowing Obama know about divine dispensations or natural law? His law comes from Harvard Law School, and their law from the seat of their pants.

“When several of the larger states threatened to reject the Constitution, they were invited to ratify the main body of the Constitution but attach suggested amendments. They submitted 189! At the first session of Congress, these suggested amendments were reduced to 12 by James Madison, and 10 of them were finally approved and ratified by the states. Thus was born America’s famous Bill of Rights.”

America’s Bill of Rights, which were the subject of much debate, came from natural law, as Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “from nature and nature’s God.”

“Wing #2 (of the American Eagle) has the responsibility of conserving the nation’s resources and the people’s freedom. Its function is to analyze the programs of wing #1 with two questions. First, can we afford it? Secondly, what will it do to the rights and individual freedom of the people?” What could be more apropos!

Thomas Jefferson: “If a monarchist be in office, anywhere, and it be known to the President, the oath he has taken to support the Constitution imperiously requires the instantaneous dismissal of such officer; and I hold the President criminal if he permitted such to remain.” What could be more apropos!

“They (the Founding Fathers) warned against confiscatory taxation and deficit spending. Jefferson said it was immoral for one generation to pass on the results of its extravagance in the form of debts to the next generation. He wrote: ‘. . .we shall all consider ourselves unauthorized to saddle posterity with our debts, and morally bound to pay them ourselves; and consequently within what may be deemed the period of a generation, or the life [expectancy] of the majority.’” What could be more Apropos!

“The Founders also warned that the only way for the nation to prosper was to have equal protection of ‘rights,’ and not allow the government to get involved in trying to provide equal distribution of ‘things.’” I’ve fought for equal rights all my adult life. What I’ve gotten is political expedience. I have no reason to feel guilty. I’m with Samuel Adams: “The Utopian schemes of leveling [redistribution of the wealth] and a community of goods [central ownership of the means of production and distribution], are as visionary and impractical as those which vest all property in the Crown. . .”

What does Obama know? To start with, “too big to fail” was Bush’s fault. He’s still getting blamed. Obama took up where Bush left off and made bad matters infinitely worse, but claims the hole Bush dug was deep and it will take time to fill. In the meanwhile, so we won’t have to suffer deprivation, the Federal Reserve Bank’s printing presses are turning out trillions of dollars in monopoly money to keep the Obama fairy tale going strong.

The election in a month will be a referendum on Obama and his spending policy. The jolly green giant, now turning brown this fall, is almost certain to lose. But the question: Does Obama need the support of the American people to carry out his agenda? I’ve yet to see Congress restrain Obama on any of his highly questionable acts, such as surrounding himself with revolutionary one-worlders who are out to throw America’s wealth to the four winds.

During campaigning, politicians always tell the people what they want to hear. Just wait until they mention cutting costs. Here’s what you will hear. “Why should my government entitlement be cut when George is getting far more help than I’m getting.” They are not going to cut spending. You people who just want to feel good better come to the party, you who have sat back and let politicians determine America’s fate.

Jefferson: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Hey folks, I’ve lived through the best of times. Now that my time here is close to being over, I, personally, have no complaints, but the sooner you get this Obamination over with, the sooner you will find yourselves in a world so good you cannot imagine. So please waste no time in getting this problem behind you. I expect to come back.

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