The Great Satan Attacks from Within......

Barack Hussein Obama, the liberal enemy within, is beginning his liberal movement for circumvention of the rule of law and this Democratic Republic, through the guise of political and economic protests on Wall Street and conservatism. Today he has given his support to the violence that is taking place on the streets nation wide where the demonstrations have already racked up over 700 arrests. 


First the left demonizes the Tea Party as being radicalized and racist, now Van Jones, Nancy Pelosi and Obama have said they wish to emulate the Tea Party. Like all Tea Party Members, I too sense a malevolent intent behind these protests, one being its complicity to except law breaking measures much like what happened in Wisconsin when the left advocated violence. When we, the Tea Party, gathered to demonstrate the misuse of government, no one was ever arrested as no one ever broke any laws. This "movement" however, is insidious in nature and violent at its core, which lends a credible distrust and rebuke of the Great Satan that is the head of this evil, Barack Hussein Obama.


I mean, why would a leader, which has spoken for restraint and civility in politics as well as gatherings lend his support to a "movement" that materializes the exact opposite?


This is exactly why Obama has been one of the main forces behind the left's treasonous assaults on the American Constitution and the American people. He has committed this deception that has gone beyond that of normal diplomacy and directly into negligent waters. Some verging on the realm of harmful.


He continues to strike at our founding principles and our American Spirit, he pins one group of Americans against that of another group of Americans.


The evidence, which is far reaching, shows how and when the President violated his Presidential Oath to ensure the faithful and fair execution of the law and to protect the Union from invasion and from foreign threats abroad. All accounts which he has ignored or oppressed. My major issue however, is from the right whom continue to assume these behaviors and activities could be marked off as mere unintentional ineptitude, this assumption is far from the truth. First he had a 20 year relationship with Rev. Wright, Farrakhan, Jones and the Libyan dictator, Quddafi. Second he has high level closed meetings with racist groups such as the New Black Panthers, La Raza and the Muslim Brotherhood. Third he continues to wedge greater tensions between races, political ideology and social classes. Fourth he refuses to do anything of substance to secure our borders, jobs and healthcare from the likes of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, he also refuses to allow sovereign states the right to self defense and litigates to every state from enacting laws they can enforce denying them equal protection.


Fifth he spends an extreme amount of taxpayer funds to programs that don't exist or operates outside of the U.S.. Sixth he creates "czars" that have not be vetted by the Congressional branch, thus disallowing these "czars" any power be it little or extensive. He has not adhered to his constitutional obligations at all.


So comparing these characteristics into one picture the image begins to form that Obama and high ranking liberals have initiated the process by which they can collapse the U.S. and effectively void out the constitution.


This is serious and an act of war and I hope the House does not hesitate to call forth the militia to remove the sitting president, Obama, from the White House should he refuse any further to comply with the process of fair and equal law and measures that prove detrimental to the U.S. being a viable solvent nation.


This is why Obama IS the GREAT SATAN.

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