In 2003, 2005, 2006, and again in 2008, then Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius killed legislation that would have tightened the rules for minors receiving abortions, tightened the rules for coerced late term abortions and tightened the rules in general for late term abortions.  In other words, from conception to  one minute before birth, Kathleen Sebelius insisted the womb be just another killing field for the unborn.  Now as head of HHS (Health and Human Services), Sebelius has reinstated the dreaded death panels removed from the health care bills by both the Republicans and Democrats, neither of who could face their constituents with the prospect of authorizing panels that could well sentence them or their loved ones to death via non-treatment of medical issues.

In a completely characteristic, brazen, cold-blooded move on Christmas eve, while the country celebrated the birth of a Savior, Kathleen Sebelius did with the stroke of a pen what Barrack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi were unable to do and that is to create morbid, end of life death panels.  Congress and the president so feared the wrath of the people that they specifically stripped the so called "death panels" out of ObamaCare.  Just the thought of government deciding who lives and who dies was too much for the American Public, but apparently not too much for this amazing guilful Obama Administration.

RIP.jpgSo, what does all of this mean?  Simple, government is back in the death business.  Now Ms. Sebelius will have  the opportunity to create death panels from sea to shining sea all across the country.  Such panels will necessarily be staffed by Progressives who, unfortunately, see the elderly sick, the unborn poor, the chronically infirmed as useless eaters, who as times get tougher, will be denied medical care in defference to more "viable" treatment candidates for the highest and best use of resources as concerns overall positive outcomes.  In other words, good Progressives will take the less expensive and treat them and let the infirmed elder, poor, and chronically ill die.  As Alan Grayson said of the Republicans, their idea of health care is "die quickly."  He was correct … he just had the wrong party.

One might ask why I would infer that such panels would be staffed by Progressives?  Simple.  No Christian or constitutionalist would sit on such a ghoulish panel.  That leaves the job to heartless, empathetically challenged progressives.  That, of course, begs the question:  Will politics eventually find its way into the death panels?  That is, will conservatives die at a much higher rate than liberals?  One  may say, “No,” but history says, “Yes.”

Politics, like fine dust, finds its way into everything.  For instance, had Sarah Palin needed government health care to deliver her down syndrome baby, would that baby have been born — or — would have that baby have received a death sentence from the death panel?  If two people are in need of the same liver, one a Progressive political leader, the other a member of the Tea Party, which is the more likely candidate for the transplant if progressives are making the decision?   

Now Ms. Sebelius will be deciding the fate of your grandparents, or parents, or perhaps even our chronically ill sibling with MS, or perhaps even you and your chronic illness.  The death panels will be sold to us as just counselling sessions, letting the patient know of their treatment options.  But you and I know the truth.  Before they are done, these will be nothing more than eugenics chambers deciding on what "class" of people live and what "class" of people are not worth trying to save.  In other words, your treatment will be determined by where society or the Progressive elite feel they can get the most bang for the buck.  And, if a deteremination has to be made between a Christian constitutionalist and a good agnostic Progressive, is there any doubt about who lives and who dies with none but Progressives on the committee?

For Ms. Sebelius, this is the big time.  No longer confined to killing only the unborn, now she has created for herself the power of life and death from the sparkle of the wine, to the glint in the eye, to the last tremmoring breath of old age.

Death comes calling and death's name is government.  To paraphrase Revelation 6: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was government, and Hell followed with him."


ToeTag.jpgWhen government, and this president, becomes as brazen as to bestow upon themselves the power of life and death, I fear the worst has already overtaken us and that both death and hell will follow with it.  Can one even grasp the breathtaking arrogance of this?  Government has now assumed the power of life and death!  No longer content with just making us appear naked in the surrender position in airports, no longer satisfied with the killing of the unborn, now Ms. Sibelius and Mr. Obama have assumed the power to grant or refuse life itself.  This is the ultimate “Star Chamber,” which now decides how and when your life might end. 

Have you had enough YET?  Is it finally time to say, “NO MORE!”

Is it not time for the Republicans, on our behalf, to gather up what little manhood they seem to have left (after getting their collective butts kicked during the Lame Duck session) and demand both the repeal of these ghoulish death panels and the immediate firing of Kathleen Sibelius?  After her firing, will they have the courage to charge her with Contempt of Congress for this egregious offense?

This is beyond wanton.  This is an act of war against both the constitution and the people of this country!  If Mr. Obama refuses to fire her, it is time to call for his impeachment.  This is such a grotesque breach of the public trust that it warrants the severest action possible under the Constitution of the United States.  This, added to the continued insults, contemptuous behavior, and unconstitutional dictums of this administration are unprecedented since the treason of Woodrow Wilson.

Now for the worst news yet ... this hasn't even been deemed a major story in the media.  



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  • well done thanks
  • All the more reason to do away entirely with this offensive piece of legislation.

    And Pelosi!

    And Reid!

    And all who supported and allowed this affront to pass in the first place!

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