Crushing The Godly By: Stephen Eichler J.D. Forced Medical Insurance Will Violate The Faith Of Many. Believe me, the poison pill being issued by the Obama National Health-Care Scheme is a forced Governmental mandate on those who by their religious beliefs refuse to use modern medicine. To begin with, forcing a Government run National Health-Care plan upon certain sectors of religious communities is not only blasphemy to some, but is a death knoll to their faith. Millions of U.S. Citizens, exercising their religious rights, refuse to receive or participate in any form of medical treatment because their faith prohibits such practices. In essence, the demand of the Government that all Citizens will obey their edicts is sending shivers of concern throughout some faith communities. Elders, Priests, Clerics and Rabbis view such a Government directive as a definitive crushing of the Godly under the boot heel of Godless totalitarianism. Thus, the liberal autocratic machine is rolling over those they have loudly proclaimed as the ones: “which need our protection.” How easy it seems to the new governmental order to waive the flag of religious freedom for all in one hand while with the other hand it creates devastating laws, which disembowel the individual’s right to religion. They loudly bellow: “we will protect your religion with the full faith and credit of the Constitution” while actually they are destroying the very sacred fiber of our beloved nation. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Quincy Adams Remember this; it was the yearning for religious freedom, which brought the first settlers here from Europe. Is Plymouth Rock to be quietly bulldozed into the sea? Shall the power of the State simply sweep aside the religious practices of millions of faithful U.S. Citizens in the name, not of GOD, but for the greater good for the greatest number? Paying for the forced government National Health-Care mandate will violate the very souls of those who trust the First Amendment right to freedom of religion and bear in their bosoms a special knowledge of the most high. “Is The State Greater That The Creator?” Minuteman Steve How convenient to say: “We are progressives! We believe in a living Constitution” while recklessly denying the very purpose of the Constitution and the true meaning of who we are as a people. The most powerful force in the world is not a weapon or a nation but a truth… that we are spiritual beings and that freedom is the soul’s right to breathe. George W Bush What about the Amish, Mennonites, Christian Science, many devout members of the 7th Day Adventists, certain groups in the Church of the Latter Day Saints and other religious organizations? What will they do as their rights are extinguished? How can Religious refugees, who have found sanctuary in America, both Orthodox and Neo-Scientists, come to grips with such an anti-God concept of intrusive secular mandated health-care? The Government will view the religious sector as obstacles to their National agenda of categorizing and numbering everyone including Brothers and Sisters in the faith. KEEP READING Who will be patient 666? Or is it Doctor 666? Will you wear your government medical I.D. bracelet, around your wrist or around your head with your medical chip dangling on your forehead? This is nothing new, this is the same mind-set, which forced the great immigration from across the world to our beloved America. The same stance of shoving aside religious beliefs by an out-of-control government creates a flash-point of ignition setting off another historical Reformation or religious revolt. Make no mistake, when given the choice between God or Country, God is still the winner! Ever wonder why Mr. Obama has insisted that America is no longer a Christian nation? Is it because by making a positive theological statement, he aligns himself with the religious communities and thereby the agenda of National Health-care would be stymied. To top it off, many orthodox zealots from all faiths possess a firm belief that any form of manmade medical practice is blasphemy. While others believe, scripture condemns certain practices such as blood transfusions. At this point, the government run health-care scheme begins to crush the religious rights of those U.S. Citizens who hold true to their core beliefs. Who will stand up for the Amish, who due to their religious beliefs, lack the voice to object? Who will say NO to the Washington beast as it plans to crush Religious disciples, forcing them into unscriptural medical practices, which will damn their souls and destroy their belief system? Who has the gumption to stand up to the machine and say: “Our rights are greater than your demands upon us!” Who shall speak for those who quietly believe in humble practice? Who shall face down the Washington tyrants as they promote themselves to God-Hood? “The usurping of free choice by the disgorging of religious practices all in the name of “The Greater Good” instead of “The Greater God” is profane.” Minuteman Steve What man or woman has the intestinal fortitude to look the beast in the eye and say: “Back to the flames of hell from whence you have crawled!” Is there a man, in America who will stand tall for all those silent believers who are about to be forced to disobey their directive from almighty God and say to the beast: “NO, WASHINGTON, LEAVE US ALONE!” We won’t let Washington force the Godly into a plan that dishonors their faith and their bodies. Is it time for a Holy Rebellion? Will the faithful be forced to say: “We will disobey the Almighty.” Will religious rights be swept under the carpet of the autocratic medical machine as Godless Theocrats plan the “cradle to grave” provisions trampling religious rights and disemboweling eternal principles? Or will the Godly say: We cannot dishonor our eternal directives given to us from the hand of God. We will not allow the Washington horde to mold men and women of faith into their own personal human image. No, We Won’t. And for those who have chosen not to believe in a higher power I say: get in line, saddle up, receive the government medical mark and hope the government finally is right about something. Some of those who read this letter will be offended, while others choose not to believe such tripe, however, what if Minuteman Steve is right? You cannot deny there are some in society who cling to a belief system that does not trust manmade medicine or government run health-care! Do you agree with me… Godly people have the right to believe in their God the way they see fit? It is the responsibility of all U.S. Citizens to protect each others religious rights. I am going to stand with those who have no voice, those religious folk who will never obey the government mandates, who have pledged their souls to a higher power. What about you? I am not asking for a theological belief or endorsement of any religion, just the fact the American people must retain their right to believe what they choose to believe. Furthermore, the government must not force anyone to disobey their personal religious beliefs. Where do you stand? Will you stand with me for those who have no voice? Stephen Eichler J.D. is a Legal Analysis having graduated from Trinity Law School with additional studies in International law. Eichler is also a founding student of Liberty University being personally taught by Jerry Falwell. Stephen Eichler is a business owner for over 30 years and is now dedicating his time to bringing national awareness to issues that challenge the security, sovereignty and domestic tranquility of the United States. He is the President of FaxDC, Executive Director of the Minuteman Project, Inc. led by Jim Gilchrist and Executive Director of the Nom de plume: Minuteman Steve Stephen Eichler is represented by Tim Bueler and may be contacted at for Radio/TV and Print media bookings.
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