The Good Fight

From ACLJ Chief Counsel

It's been an astonishing week in Washington, with revelation after revelation exposing the Obama Administration's incompetence and duplicity. First, Secretary of State Kerry slandered our ally Israel, the Middle East's most vibrant democracy, by saying that it could become an "apartheid" state.

Second, the Administration made this statement even as the Palestinian Authority planned to join with Hamas, an anti-Semitic, jihadist, terrorist organization.

Third, the Obama Administration's spin about Benghazi collapsed as it was revealed that it knew a video wasn't to blame for the attacks, and the Administration did not even try to rescue Americans who were murdered.

How are these things connected? They show the Obama Administration still doesn't understand the Middle East, and it still doesn't know our enemies. Israel understands the threats. Israel confronts jihad even when we retreat. Stand with Israel today.

Jay Sekulow

ACLJ Chief Counsel

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