The Ghost of Ronald Reagan

This is short, but to the point

The shutdown....

In 1987 President Reagan said.... Gorbachev, tear down that wall!

 Today in 2013 I, Bunky,  say........ Obama, TAKE DOWN THOSE BARRICADES!


Please join me in communicating to Washington.....

Do your your whatever..... But CUT THE CRAP THEATER.





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  • I am a RR Fan but I am hard core Pro-2nd amendment, and I was just setting the record strait 

    The USA is dieing the death of 1000 tiny cuts~!

    We need to roll back government at every level !

    but the Parasites will resist being cut off from the free ride!

  • I recently read this.... on the net.....

     = = = =

    I was reading a Democratic Party press release just now, after 4 years in office Obama is the fifth greatest president!

    Reagan, Lincoln and nine others were tied for first,

    15 others were tied for second,

    17 for third,

    jimmy carter was fourth and...

    Obama came in fifth.

  • ok james,
    You are not a reagan fan.

    Do you disagree with me too?
    This domain may be for sale!
  • Ron Reagan was not  100% hero !

    He signed several gun control laws as Governor of Ca.

    He was better than any Democrat but not perfect by a long shot.

    Want the best president?

    Well Washington set the standard and none so have have come up to that.

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